Gorryl slugs were indigenous to Kashyyyk. They were also called protoplasmic slugs.

They were large, carnivorous gastropods that hung from tree branches, waiting to fall upon prey below. Wrapping its body around the prey, a slug would smother its prey and exude digestive juices, dissolving its prey to absorb nutrients. It was not only surely lethal to be attacked and slowly eaten by this creature, but it was extremely slow and painful. Most of the creature's deadliness came from the fact that it was nearly impossible to remove from its prey once it had attached itself. They could grow to many times the length of a Wookiee. The slugs, usually brown in color, were excellently camouflaged against the wroshyr trees on which they lived.

Jacen Solo once enlisted a giant slug to defend his group of young jedi from Zekk and his Shadow Academy stormtroopers. The slug was unaffected by several blaster bolts and was able to knock several stormtroopers off a tree, sending them to their deaths on the forest floor below[2].

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Although the large "slug-like creature" in "Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knights" was never given a name, it closely matches the description of the Protoplasmic slug in the later, "Essential Guide to Planets and Moons," and was the obvious inspiration for the entry. Gamer 4 finally revealed "gorryl" to be the Shyriiwook name of the species.

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