The Gorvan Horansi were a Horansi subspecies, native to Mutanda, and were the rulers of the Horansi tribes, providing guidance and justice according to Horansi law.

Myrgaanti Shi-Iki, enemy of the New Republic

They stood on average between 2.6 and 3 meters in height and their fur varied in color from a blonde-gold to a reddish-tan, and the males sported manes upon reaching puberty.

As the ruling caste, each House or Pride's duty was to the care of its peoples and its lands. The Nkosi (lord) saw to the protection of his fief, as well as the upholding of laws and the expenditure of justice, and his Mbwana (second in command) was there to assist him as his right hand.

There were also a handful of trusted Gambas (warriors) who were bodyguards to the Nkosi and his family, as well as commanders of the fief's Kasa warriors. Female Gorvan were not only respected for their ability to give birth, but also their talents in tending to the house, the fief, and trade. The wives of the Nkosi were responsible not only for the care of the house-hold and its larder, but the stores of foodstuffs and other necessities of the fief, as well as trade with other fiefs and offworlders.

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