The Goshyn Detention Center was an asteroid[2] located in the Goshyn system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Tolonda sector.[1] Years before[3] 9 ABY,[4] the asteroid served as a Galactic Empire prison.[2]

Around that time, when the Human smuggler Billey was gravely injured as a result of a confrontation with an Imperial Customs cruiser, he was arrested and delivered to the Goshyn Detention Center. Billey regained consciousness in the asteroid's medical ward,[2] where the medical droids judged that the only way to heal the smuggler was to implant a new, cybernetic spine and lung system. Billey refused and grew increasingly frail while he served out his term at the prison.[5] However, only Billey's body was broken when he was finally released from the Goshyn Detention Center. With his mind intact, he soon resumed his smuggling operations.[2]

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The Goshyn Detention Center was introduced in The Last Command Sourcebook, a 1994 roleplaying game sourcebook authored by Eric Trautmann for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Goshyn system, and therefore the asteroid, in grid square Q-18.[7]

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