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Gossams were a diminutive blue-skinned species native to the planet Castell located in the Colonies region of the galaxy. Several Gossams, such as Shu Mai and Amita Fonti, allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Gossams were a saurian[2] sentient species[1] hailing from the planet Castell.[3] They were a squat people with wrinkled[2] blue skin and long necks[1] sometimes covered with neck rings. They had three-toed feet.[7]

Society and cultureEdit

Gossams such as Shu Mai were obsessed with status, power, and wealth. She wore jewellery including neck rings, an emblazoned jewel crest, and a rich skirt made of rare uris silk.[7]


Gossam Shu Mai served as Presidente of the Commerce Guild,[8] using aggressive tactics to work her way up the company to outdo rivals for leadership.[7] She controlled the pooled financial resources of some of the galaxy's largest corporations, and covertly lent her Guild's support to the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[8] Cat Miin served as her aide,[5] while fellow Gossam Amita Fonti sat on the Separatist Senate.[4] The Gossam Commandos of the Commerce Guild Punitive Security Forces became part of the Confederacy military.[9]



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