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"We have one chance, your highness. You can escape to Phelarion in the gossamer glider!"

A gossamer glider was an escape vehicle used by the Rebel Alliance. It basically consisted of a small one person compartment and a pair of fine gossamer wings.

In 1 ABY, Hume and Leia Organa fell under attack by the Galactic Empire while aboard a space shuttle. As a single TIE/LN starfighter was firing salvos to disable, the shuttle, Hume suggested that Leia escape in the ship's gossamer glider. When she refused, he knocked her out and sent her off to Phelarion. Moments later, the shuttle was destroyed, killing Hume. The glider crashed on Phelarion, but Leia survived without injuries. The glider was later identified as belonging to the Rebels by Darth Vader's stormtroopers.


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