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"Hey! Watch it."
―A Gotal, to Omega[7]

Gotals were a species of humanoid sentients native to the moon Antar 4. They were common throughout the galaxy and could be seen on many planets.

Biology and appearance[]

Gotals were a species of tall, humanoid sentients native to the moon Antar 4. Their most distinctive features were the twin conical horns growing on the top of their heads, which acted as highly responsive electro-magnetic sensors and caused discomfort when exposed to complex electrical systems, like droids.[1] Gotals were also covered with distinctive short fur[1] that was prone to shedding.[2]


Gotals were part of galactic society as far back as the early days of the Galactic Republic, and were represented in the Galactic Senate as well as the Jedi Order.[2] Around 300 BBY,[8] a group of Gotal in the Aakaash system vanished, and the Land & Sky Corporation that ruled over the star system failed to explain what had happened. Thus, many Gotal chose to avoid the Aakaash system, making the species a rare sight within its borders.[9] Throughout the Separatist Crisis, their homeworld of Antar 4 was held by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, leading to a diaspora that had many Gotals flee to the colony world of Atzerri.[2]

Gotals in the galaxy[]

Gotal Gambler FC

A Gotal con artist.

Gotals were often seen off-world on planets such as Coruscant, Tatooine,[4] Lothal,[5] Castilon,[10] and on the moon of Pantora.[7] Many Gotal were sympathetic to the Empire.[11]

A male Gotal named Barrisk Favvin worked for the Imperial Security Bureau[11]

Another Gotal named Feltipern Trevagg worked as a a tax collector in the city of Mos Eisley, Tatooine. In the days preceding the Battle of Yavin, Trevagg was courting M'iiyoom Onith, unaware of the inherent dangers of romancing a female H'nemthe.[12]

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