The Gotiards were a sentient species that grew up to three meters in height. They were simian in physique, with heads that resembled goats. A traditional greeting among Gotiard males involved rubbing and slapping each other's chests. This practice was not expected to be replicated by outsiders, although in their interaction with the wider galaxy, some non-Gotiards imitated the practice in order to fit in with the beings. These attempts provided much amusement for the Gotiards.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Bill creates an alien race named the Gotiards, that resemble three meter tall goat-headed gorillas."
―An example of species creation[src]

The Gotiards were created by Bill Olmesdahl for the Star Wars Gamemaster Screen, a West End Games product for the second edition of their roleplaying game. Published in 1992, the book contained a number of adventure hooks to be fleshed out by game masters. The Gotiards appeared in a section entitled "Alien Species Adventures" and served as an example of how the cultures and mannerisms of species can be quite diverse. However, given the context in which they appeared, it is unclear whether they were intended to be a canonical in-universe species, or merely an example for game masters.


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