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"The regional governors now have direct control over their territories."
―Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, governor of the Outer Rim Territories[src]

Governor was a political title used by high-ranking leaders of political territories, including planets, moons and galactic regions.[10] Sio Bibble was governor of Naboo during the last days of the Galactic Republic.[11] In the Galactic Empire, a governor could wear a standard Imperial uniform, in the case of Arihnda Pryce,[12] or a white outfit, as donned by Ubrik Adelhard.[6] Imperial governors also wore rank insignia plaques consisting of six blue squares over three red and three yellow.[6][12] Wilhuff Tarkin was governor of the Outer Rim Territories,[3] however, the use of the term was merely honorific, as his rank was Grand Moff.[10]



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