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"The regional governors now have direct control over their territories."
―Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, governor of the Outer Rim Territories[12]

Governor was a political title used by high-ranking leaders of political territories, including planets, moons, and galactic regions.[13]


In the late Republic Era, Tok was a human who served as a governor for the Galactic Republic.[14] However, Tok actually served as an undercover agent for Count Dooku, who planned to destabilize the Republic.[15] In their governorship capacity, Tok worked to establish a peace[14] between the actively warring[16] Nautolan and Anselmi peoples.[14] In truth, however, Tok was tasked by Dooku with ensuring the war[15] continued to rage[16] so as to hurt the Republic.[15] Sio Bibble was governor of Naboo during the last days of the Republic.[17]

In the Galactic Empire, governors held regional power under the Imperial regime[12] and assumed control over entire star systems, often in the name of stealing their resource wealth.[18] Sector governors were known as Moffs.[13] An Imperial governor could wear a standard Imperial uniform, in the case of Arihnda Pryce,[19] or a white outfit, as donned by Ubrik Adelhard.[9] Imperial governors also wore rank insignia plaques consisting of six blue squares over three red and three yellow.[9][19] Wilhuff Tarkin was governor of the Outer Rim Territories[4] under his rank of Grand Moff.[13] Beyond the term governor referring to his actual power over the Rim,[4] he continued to be widely known as "Governor" as a honorific title.[13] By 2 BBY,[20] Gar Saxon was the Imperial Viceroy and Governor of Mandalore[21] of his clan,[22] a planet under occupation of the Galactic Empire at the time.[23]


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