Governor of the Lothal sector,[3] simply known as Governor of Lothal, was a title held by a Moff[4] who served as the leader of the Lothal sector during the time of the Galactic Empire.[5]


Ryder Azadi once served as Governor of Lothal, but his sympathies were with anti-Imperial voices and he was eventually imprisoned.[6] Following this, Arihnda Pryce was appointed the acting governor of Lothal and scheduled for promotion to the full title of Governor of Lothal within a few years, and was granted such[7] by 4 BBY.[8]

Moff Stattata held the title at the time of being charged by Leia Organa for the theft of her ships on Lothal under the Imperial Governor's administration during a rebel operation there[3] in 3 BBY.[9]

In 2 BBY,[10] Pryce, as Governor, oversaw Skystrike Academy alongside Agent[11] Alexsandr Kallus,[12] and in 0 BBY,[1] Pryce met her demise during the Liberation of Lothal,[13] which also saw the end of Imperial reign over the world.[14]

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