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"After 300 years on Corellia, Gowix Computers, which produces a variety of computers for industrial and consumer use, is transferring its corporate character from Corellia to Corulag."
Corellia Times, Basic Edition, 36:7:8 GrS[src]

Gowix Computers was a computer-manufacturing company headquartered on the planet Corellia for much of its history. Founded sometime before 300 BBY, it was acquired as a subsidiary of the Tagge Company in the years before the Clone Wars, and Gowix became a staunch supporter of the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire, under its new parent company. However, privateer raids sanctioned by the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War eventually forced Chief Executive Officer Gohn Danfeil to relocate the company to the planet Corulag.


"We've been contemplating the move for quite some time. For the past few years it has grown ever more difficult to maintain our shipping schedules with less actual traffic passing through the Corellia sector. Our own freighters have of course been shipping our materials and products, but we can't control the shipping infrastructure, and to be perfectly frank, the Coronet Space Port has entered a rapid decline, to say nothing of the spaceports elsewhere in the sector."
―CEO Gohn Danfell in a press release[src]

A computer and software-manufacturing company that provided products for industrial and consumer use, Gowix Computers was in operation by at least 300 BBY, by which time they were headquartered on the planet Corellia.[1] Sometime after its founding, it was acquired by the Tagge Company, a corporation that also owned companies such as Bonadan Heavy Industries and Trast Heavy Transports.[2] When the Galactic Republic was embroiled in the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 22 BBY, Gowix Computers and the other subsidiaries of TaggeCo followed Baroness Sanya Tagge and the rest of TaggeCo in remaining loyal to the Republic,[3] and with the rise of the Galactic Empire after the Clone Wars, Gowix was among TaggeCo's subsidiaries that helped the House of Tagge establish a reputation as a major supplier to both the Empire and the Corporate Sector.[4] By 1 ABY, the company was headed by Chief Executive Officer Gohn Danfeil, who made the decision to transfer Gowix's corporate charter to the planet Corulag when the Corellian sector began to lose much of its commercial traffic due to an unstable economy and pirate attacks during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Gowix Computers was among the companies whose vessels were targeted by privateers on the behalf of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as its parent company TaggeCo's support of the Empire presented an opportunity for the Alliance to disrupt the Empire's commerce.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Gowix Computers was first mentioned in the 1994 second issue of the West End Games role-playing magazine Star Wars Adventure Journal, as a potential target for Alliance privateers in the adventure Rebel Privateers!.[2] It later appeared a year later in the seventh issue, where the Galaxywide NewsNets portion of the journal featured a press release by the Corellia Times on Gowix's move to Corulag.[1] Another adventure in the same issue, Into the Core Worlds, mentioned Gowix as a major high-tech firm on the planet of Corulag.[5] The role-playing supplement Pirates & Privateers, published in 1997, again mentioned Gowix as a potential target for privateers.[4] Gowix received another mention in the 2005 reference book The New Essential Guide to Droids, appearing in the entry for TaggeCo as one of its subsidiaries,[6] and issue #49 of the 531st volume of the in-universe HoloNet News again mentioned Gowix as a subsidiary of TaggeCo.[3] The 2012 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, set over 3,600 years before the Adventure Journals, introduced a Gowix Corporation on Corellia, but so far no connection has been made between the two companies.[7]



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