"I found Xirl, and I intend to keep it. My name is Gozetta, and out here, I'm the boss."
―Gozetta, to the Graf siblings[src]

Gozetta was a female human who, like her father and her grandfather before her, worked as a big game hunter. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, she set up a luxurious hunting lodge on the planet of Xirl, in Wild Space, where she intended to breed and hunt imported creatures.


Early lifeEdit

"I am a hunter, just like my father and his father. Those heads are the result of a lifetime's work, on a hundred worlds."
―Gozetta, to the Graf siblings[src]

Born a human female, Gozetta came from a line of big game hunters. Both her father and her grandfather practiced that activity in their own times, and she followed in their footsteps. She traveled to a hundred planet and moons, hunting beasts and collecting their heads as trophies. However, she came to despise the heavily guarded tourist reserves in which she could only shoot what she was allowed to. Therefore, she decided to find a planet of her own.[1]

Mistress of XirlEdit

"We saw all those heads in there. This is your hunting lodge, isn't it? You're bringing these animals here, then you're going to go out and kill them."
―Lina Graf, to Gozetta[src]
Gozetta Inc

Gozetta with Corin and Bort, two members of her crew

Gozetta built herself a motley crew comprising the humanoid male Meggin, the Umbaran female Sata, and the Cerean male Delih. She also hired two mercenaries, the Pau'an male Corin and the human male Bort. At some point during the age of the Galactic Empire, Gozetta and her crew explored Wild Space and discovered Xirl, a planet apparently devoid of native lifeforms bigger than a tree snake. Gozetta intended to populate Xirl with shipped-in dangerous creatures of her choosing, which would breed and thrive on the planet and provide the hunter with a constant supply of challenging preys. Meggin was specifically tasked with keeping the creatures alive long enough for the huntress to kill them. Gozetta established a luxuous hunting lodge on Xirl, in which she kept her trophies. The crew had at least two starships: the freighter Venture, and Gozetta's private golden shuttle. What the huntress did not know, however, was that the seemingly innocuous stinkers native to Xirl could grow to gargantuan sizes provided that they lived long enough. One such giant lived in a cave that had once been inhabited by humanoids.[1]

Meeting the GrafsEdit

"Who are you, and what are you doing on my planet?"
―Gozetta, upon encountering the Graf siblings[src]

At some point, things started to turn awry when Delih, Meggin, and Sata disappeared. Gozetta, Bort and Corin set off to locate their missing crew members, but to no avail. During the search, however, Gozetta noticed that soem kind of creature had torn two large holes in hull of the Venture— which she assumed was the work of her gundarks. The huntress also discovered the presence of two human younglings, Lina and Milo Graf, and their mismatched droid caretaker, Crater. In addition to having discovered intruders on the planet she had claimed for herself, Gozetta also found out that a throng of stinkers had caused damage tto her lodge. the huntress, forced the children to accompany her and her mercenaries through the jungle, in search of whatever had struck the Venture.[1]

After following the trail, Gozetta and her reluctant hunting party arrived at the cave where the monstrous stinker resided. The huntress forced the Grafs to enter the cave and act as baits and lure the beast out. The children were forced to obey lest Gozetta refused to help them leave Xirl. The huntress then kept waiting for a while, standing in front of the cave's mouth while her mercenaries had taken cover. Eventually, Meggin burst out of the lair, followed by Sata, the Grafs, and, still in the shadows of the cavern, the giant stinker. Both her crew and the children attempted to reason her, but Gozetta would have none of it: she would stand her ground and kill the beast. However, after the stinker incapacitated Corin with a paralyzing agent and dragged him into the cave, the huntress finally realized she could not defeat that creature. She turned on her heels and started running in the opposite direction, dashing toward her golden shuttle which she had kept on standby back at the lodge, with no concern for the rest of the party.[1]

Last stand in the jungleEdit

"Come on! You and me, right now!"
―Gozetta, ready to confront the giant stinker[src]
Gozetta vs Stinker

The giant stinker trying to prevent Gozetta from escaping

While Gozetta managed to board the shuttle and take it off the ground, the beast sprang for her and locked its pincers around the craft. After fighting for control, Gozetta managed to free herself from the beast's deadly embrace for a moment, but her triumph did not last, as the stinker managed to wrap the ship in its tongue and drag it into its mouth. The creature's then jaws closed on the shuttle, which broke and tumbled down into the trees. Against all odds, the huntress survived the crash with only minor wounds. Emerging from the shuttle's wreckage, she made one last stand against the monster, firing a rocket at it. However, the projectile missed its target, which forced Gozetta to back into the trees. The stinker then followed her in the thick forest, and the last that was heard or seen of both Gozetta and the stinker was a loud crash.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Well, I didn't come here to pray. I came here to kill."

A pale-skinned woman with red hair and ice-blue eyes, Gozetta had a pitiless look upon her face and a cold smile. While she admired courage, she cared very little for the well-being of others and did not suffer cowardice. Hunting in the wild gave her thrills of excitement because of the challenges it brought.[1]


When hunting, Gozetta dressed in black, with a tight-fitting suit, pauldrons, shin guards and a chest armor emblazoned with a spread-winged golden bird. She also wore a sensor mask that enhanced her senses. Her hunting arsenal included a long blaster rifle and a rocket launcher.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gozetta was created by Tom Huddleston for Adventures in Wild Space: The Nest, the second tome in the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space junior novel series published by Egmont UK Ltd. Along with the giant stinker, she was the novel's antagonist against Lina and Milo Graf.[1]



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