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The big game hunter Gozetta owned a sleek blunt-nosed shuttle. It was black and gold, with platinum bearings, had eight ion engines, and a rear hatch. Its design greatly resembled[1] the Botajef SS-54 assault ship.[3]

The shuttle was destroyed during a fight with a giant Stinker on Xirl[1] around 18 BBY.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gozetta's shuttle first appeared in Tom Huddleston's novel Adventures in Wild Space: The Nest, the second entry in the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series.[1] The ship did not have name in the novel, but Huddleston offered a fan who asked him on Twitter to come up with one. Said fan ended up proposing Gilded Strega, which Huddleston approved of.[4]



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