Graballa was a Hutt who operated in the Belgaroth asteroid field.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Graballa center

Graballa appearing in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Graballa first appeared as the secondary antagonist in the non-canon Disney XD animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which ran from June 20 to August 29 2016. He was voiced by Dana Snyder. He was later canonized by Star Wars: Droidography.

Non-canon BiographyEdit


Graballa was born about 462 years before the Battle of Hoth.[3] He spent two centuries managing an ore mines in the desolate Belgaroth asteroid field on behalf of his more powerful and wealthy cousin Jabba. As a minor Hutt crime lord, Graballa owned an armed starship called the Rancor's Fist, which doubled as his headquarters and throne. He also maintained the services of several henchmen including the bounty hunters Dengar, the Iktotchi Baash and Raam, and the Toydarian servant Yeppau. In addition, Graballa owned a pet nexu named Smiley, whom he fed his enemies to.[4]

Buying a Jedi starshipEdit

Graballa on Corellia

Graballa asks about his Jedi starfighter.

At some point on the planet Corellia, Graballa bought a Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor from a young mechanic named Pace. When his friend Han took the ship with Pace on a spin, Han inadvertently had it destroyed. When Han and Pace landed on the ground, Graballa meet up with them. Graballa then demanded his ship but Pace said it was not ready yet. Graballa then asked when it was ready, but Pace said years. Graballa immediately grabbed Pace and said that Jabba the Hutt needed this ship now. Jabba then suddenly contacted Graballa. Graballa had a long conversation with Jabba. During this Han and Pace made their escape. During their escape, Pace wanted to get of Corellia so Han requested to into a cargo container. Han Solo pushed the crate in a area with other crates which were going to the planet Kethmandi and Pace escapes.[5]

Tracking PaceEdit

Graballa asks Lena

Graballa asks Lena where Pace is.

During his search for Pace, Graballa went to the planet Kethmandi to search. During this a Force-sensitive woman named Lena accidentally ran into Graballa. He and his henchmen, which included Dengar, asked her a couple times if she had seen Pace, having gotten a report that he lived somewhere in their current area. She said no and moved along. Lena then saw a speeder and hopped in but Pace came up out of the passenger seat screaming. Then a stormtrooper spotted Lena and Dengar spotted Pace. Lena and Pace started the speeder and drove away. A couple stormtroopers and Dengar got onto speeder bikes and chased them. The two eventually escaped after taking advantage of a conveyor line. They both later got inside a cargo container which they thought was being shipped to Canto Bight. It was instead being shipped to the planet Vandor, which neither Pace nor Lena knew nothing about.[6]

Pace and Lena eventually landed on Vandor. Later they entered a bar with several individuals. One individual named Lando Calrissian made a deal that included capturing corusca gems from a comet made entirely of corusca. During their discussion, one of Graballa's spies, a male Narquois named Pru Sweevant, reported Pace and Lena to Graballa due to being at the bar. When Graballa found out, he knew that Estoc wanted Lena, the prisoner runaway from Kethmandi. Graballa then contacted Estoc about the news. When Pace, Lena, Lando, and L3-37 made it to the comet, they had just started to capture the gems when Graballa and Estoc arrived. They caught Lando's ship, the Millennium Falcon into a tractor beam. Pace and Lena went to hide behind the comet but they had the chance to escape with the gems but stayed. They released the gems onto Graballa's ship and Estoc's Y-45 armored transport hauler. They were both disabled and Pace, Lena, Lando, and L3-37 escaped. Graballa then sympathized with Estoc, saying that their lives were both just big poodoo sandwiches.[6]

A lucrative opportunityEdit

At some time after the Battle of Hoth,[3] Graballa became dissatisfied with his managerial job and attempted to convince Jabba to bankroll his project to establish a beachside resort and buffet. With Yeppau presenting a poster, Graballa tried to appeal to Jabba's love for buffets. However, Jabba responded in Huttese that Graballa was wasting his time before ending the hologram transmission. At that point, his bounty hunters Baash and Raam entered Graballa's throne room with two new bounty hunters: an Ugnaught and the droid "IG-89". In reality, the two bounty hunters were the twelve-year-old human boy and, unbeknownst to Graballa, Pace and Lena's son, Rowan Freemaker, and his B1 battle droid Roger, who had traveled to the Belgaroth asteroid field to find a Kyber Saber crystal.[4]

Baash and Raam, who served as Graballa's "think tank", told their master that they had found two new bounty hunters. Graballa was unenthusiastic because he already hired the services of Dengar, who was napping nearby. Baash and Raam responded that Rowan was the most dangerous Ugnaught and that "IG-89" was better than IG-88. Graballa reluctantly agreed to offer the two newcomers Dengar's job if they could prove they were tougher and faster than him. After a brief interlude, Rowan accepted Graballa's offer. However, he and Roger were quickly overpowered by Dengar. In the process, Rowan was unmasked as a human child and the Kyber Saber crystal was thrown at the bottom of Graballa's throne.[4]

Graballa and R0-GR

Roger tells Graballa that the Galactic Empire was after the crystals.

After Roger told Graballa that the Galactic Empire was after the crystal, the Hutt crime lord took an interest in the object and deduced that it was valuable. Undaunted by the Empire, Graballa demanded that Rowan tell him how to get more of these crystals. Rowan claimed that he did not know and that he and Roger had found the crystal by chance. When they refused to talk, Graballa threatened to feed them to his pet nexu Smiley and opened the trap door beneath his throne.[4]

Under Graballa's orders, Rowan and Roger were tied, hung upside down, and lowered by a crane into Smiley's pit. Before Graballa could finish with his captives, he was visited by Rowan's older sister and brother and Pace and Lena's daughter and oldest son, Kordi and Zander Freemaker, who posed as traveling salesmen. Kordi and Zander tried to sell a beat-up Z-wing to Graballa. Kordi flattered the Hutt crime lord and got Zander to demonstrate the Z-wing's repurposed laser cannon. Kordi managed to lead Graballa away from his throne while her "Jedi" ally Naare freed Rowan and Roger from their chains. In secret, Naare was a Sith agent working for Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.[4]

While Zander repaired the Z-wing, Kordi tried to convince Graballa to buy the ship for twenty credits a month. However, Graballa quickly realized that Kordi was trying to rip him off and pointed out that it was a clever distraction which allowed her "friend" Naare, Rowan, and Roger to escape. The Freemakers and Naare fled into the Z-wing and blasted a hold in the transparisteel window; exposing the throne room to zero-gravity space. Only Graballa's big heavy mass prevented his henchmen from being sucked out into space. However, the Kyber Saber crystal was lost.[4]

Graballa and henchmen Race

Graballa and his bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam

Graballa sent Dengar and his henchmen to pursue the Freemakers and Naare in their starfighters. However, Naare used the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field and to crush Graballa's fighters with asteroids. The Freemakers also managed to recover the second Kyber Saber crystal in space. Following the Freemakers' escape, Graballa conferred with Dengar, Baash and Raam. He believed that the Kyber Saber crystals would make him richer than Jabba. While displaying a holographic image of Rowan, Graballa tasked the three bounty hunters with finding the boy; whose name he still did not know.[4]

A breakthroughEdit

Under Graballa's orders, Dengar, Baash, and Raam traveled to the Lower Ring of the space station called the Wheel. While the three bounty hunters did not find any sign of the boy Rowan Freemaker, they discovered that the former Cloud City Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian was offering a "big reward" to anyone who would retrieve his "lost treasure" from the floating city, which was now occupied by Imperial forces. During the course of their mission, Dengar and his associates encountered the Freemakers and Naare again. They attempted to kidnap Rowan, whose body had been accidentally frozen in carbonite. However, Graballa's bounty hunters were stopped by Zander, Kordi, and Naare and ended up locked up in Cloud City's prison. Despite this setback, they discovered that the boy was called Rowan Freemaker and that he was part of a scavenging family called the Freemakers.[7]

Later, Dengar, Baash, and Raam managed to break out prison and returned to the Rancor's Fist. During his time in prison, Dengar had tried to contact Graballa by hologram but the Hutt had been too busy to take his calls. Meanwhile, Graballa tried to present a modified version of his beachside resort and buffet venture to Jabba. However, his cousin was unfazed and dismissed his project as boring. Graballa was about to ask his Toydarian aide Yeppau what he could have done better when Dengar and his associates entered the throne room. When Graballa asked where the bounty hunters had been, Dengar chided Graballa for not answering his distress calls. Dengar managed to mollify his boss by telling him that he had discovered the name of their target: Rowan Freemaker.[8]

Trap on TatooineEdit

Graballa and Jabba Race

Jabba warns Graballa with Han Solo's frozen body

Having found a new lead, Graballa engineered a trap for the Freemakers on the desert world of Tatooine. Graballa forced the podracer pilot Ben Quadinaros to lure the Freemakers to his garage at Mos Espa under the pretext of servicing his podracer for the upcoming 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic. Graballa gained Quadinaros' cooperation by threatening to snap the Toong's antennae. Quadinaros complied with Graballa's orders and the Freemakers arrived at his garage. At the opportune moment, Quadinaros alerted Graballa and the Hutt crime lord and his henchmen entered the garage.[8]

After telling Ben to run off, Graballa asked Rowan the location of the other Kyber Saber crystals. When the boy refused to talk, Dengar grabbed him. Graballa then warned Rowan that he could settle it the easy way or the "Hutt" way. Before Graballa could finish his interrogation, Jabba entered the garage with armed escorts and demanded to know why he was visiting Tatooine without his permission. Jabba also brought Han Solo's frozen body and warned Graballa about the danger of crossing him. Graballa then responded that his business with Rowan did not concern Jabba. While Graballa was distracted, the Freemakers fled on Ben's podracer.[8]

Graballa's henchmen Dengar, Baash, and Raam were too preoccupied with chatting with Boba Fett to notice the Freemakers' escape. Graballa was enraged that his henchmen had failed to keep an eye on the Freemakers and sent them after them. Dengar, Baash, and Raam gave chase on speeder bikes but the Freemakers managed to lose them during the race. Graballa watched the race at the grand stands with Jabba and lamented the incompetence of his henchmen. Jabba mocked Graballa's bounty hunters as "second-rate" while Fett snubbed Graballa by refusing to work for him.[8]

The Freemakers fled into the Dune Sea at the end of the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic. Graballa and his henchmen eventually cornered the Freemakers at an abandoned Jawa sandcrawler. Graballa told the Freemakers they were surrounded and demanded their surrender. However, he was distracted by a brief argument with Dengar over how to pronounce Fett's name. When Rowan's sister Kordi asked Graballa what were the terms of his negotiation, the Hutt demanded that they surrender Rowan and threatened to blow them up. The Freemakers managed to keep Graballa and his henchmen at bay by hurling detonators at them.[8]

Graballa and his men survived the onslaught by hiding behind rocks. After the Freemakers ran out of detonators, Graballa ordered his men to storm the sandcrawler. However, Graballa and his men were attacked by the Freemakers' "Jedi" ally Naare, who strafed them with her Eclipse Fighter and scattered them with her Force powers and lightsaber combat skills. She managed to free Rowan but Graballa's henchmen regrouped and captured Kordi, Zander, and Roger. Naare proved to be more than a match for Graballa's men and escaped with the Freemakers. As a final insult, she also destroyed Graballa's skiff; forcing the Hutt crime lord to beg his cousin Jabba for a ride.[8]

A new allyEdit

Graballa and Naare Crystal Chase

Graballa's alliance of convenience with Naare

Undaunted, Graballa and his henchmen continued their hunt for Rowan and traveled to the Freemakers' starship business Freemaker Salvage and Repair, which was based in a space station called the Wheel. There, Graballa and his henchmen stumbled upon Naare, who had fallen out with the Freemakers after they had discovered her true identity as a Sith agent. Graballa initially wanted to settle scores with Naare for aiding the Freemakers. However, Naare managed to form an alliance with Graballa by convincing him to share half of the Kyber Saber crystals. In return for Graballa's crew repairing her ship Eclipse Fighter, the two sides agreed to share the crystals.[9]

Using Roger's transmission pack as a homing device, Naare tracked the Freemakers down to the planet Takodana. She stole the fourth Kyber Saber crystal from Rowan and fled aboard her Eclipse Fighter. The Freemakers gave chase in the StarScavenger but came under attack from Graballa's Rancor's Fist. The Freemakers managed to flee into hyperspace much to Graballa's dismay. However, Naare reassured him that she had a way of finding them. Naare and Graballa pursued the Freemakers to the watery world of Ningoth, where Rowan had obtained the fifth Kyber Saber crystal from an opee sea killer.[10]

Graballa's Rancor's Fist exchanged fire with the StarScavenger while Naare pursued the Freemakers' Bubbly Snubbly submarine with her starfighter. Though the Freemakers managed to return to their ship, Naare still managed to steal the Kyber Saber crystal from them. The Freemakers then fled into hyperspace and their jump triggered a tidal wave that swamped the engines of the Rancor's Fist, causing Graballa expensive damage. When Graballa complained that he was having to foot the bill, Naare reassured him that the Freemakers would not escape for long because she had found a way to track them. Graballa then tried to get Dengar to impress Naare but the bounty hunter was unprepared.[10]

Graballa stayed aboard his ship while Naare and Dengar confronted the Freemakers at the Emperor Palpatine Museum on Naboo. Despite stealing the sixth Kyber Saber crystal, the skirmish led to the Museum's destruction. The Freemakers also managed to escape and learnt that Naare and Graballa were trailing them through Roger's transmission pack.[10] Despite learning the seventh Kyber Saber crystal was on Hoth, Graballa and Naare were unable to track Rowan since the Freemakers had deactivated the transmission pack. While Graballa waited impatient aboard the Rancor's Fist, Naare told him to be patient.[11]

While waiting for Rowan to turn up, Graballa contacted Jabba via hologram. His cousin was unsympathetic towards his quest to obtain the Kyber Saber crystals. Meanwhile, the Emperor chastised Naare for only collecting six of the seven Kyber Saber crystals. Both Graballa and Naare confided their frustration with their superiors. After a long spell, Graballa and Naare were able to pick up Roger's signal after the battle droid reattached his transmission pack in an attempt to save his human masters and their friend Jek-14 from being killed by mutinous droids led by N-3RO. Graballa and Naare then traveled to the planet Zoh, which was a junkyard world.[11]

Graballa's Rancor's Fist proceeded to bomb the junk world and blasted N-3RO. Graballa stayed aboard while Naare fought with Jek-14, who managed to help the Freemakers and Roger to escape into space. Rowan then used Roger's transmission pack to dare Graballa and Naare to race him to the last Kyber Saber crystal on Hoth. Graballa and Naare pursued the StarScavenger on their ships through hyperspace.[11]

Race to HothEdit

Naare and Graballa Showdown

Naare and Graballa on Hoth

Graballa and Naare raced the Freemakers on their ships to the planet Hoth. Graballa and his ship Rancor's Fist entered a violent snowstorm. Due to the storm, Graballa and his crew were unable to see but Naare and Rowan were able to navigate through the storm using the Force. Following a chase, Graballa, Naare, and Dengar's ships crashed into a mountain. Fortunately for them, their ships were not destroyed. However, they had lost the Freemakers who managed to retrieve the seventh Kyber Saber crystal from a deep cave.[12]

Graballa and Naare watched while several of his henchmen including Yeppau, Baash, and Raam dug the Rancor's Fist out of the snow. When an impatient Graballa asked Naare whether she could sense the boy with the Force, she replied that she could not sense the boy but that she could sense fear. Later, Graballa and Naare discovered that the Freemakers were hiding at the abandoned rebel Echo Base from the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker.[12]

Graballa's forces and Naare attacked the Freemakers, who had hastily assembled an AT-AT walker and a snowspeeder. Graballa's AT-AT walker was shot down by the Freemakers' walker while the Freemakers' snowspeeder downed Dengar's starfighter a second time. However, Naare shot down the Freemakers' airspeeder and used the Force to summon an avalanche which toppled the AT-AT walker. The Freemakers survived the attack and fled inside a cave.[12]

Naare issued an ultimatum to Rowan and offered to spare his family's lives if he surrendered the last Kyber Saber crystal to them. Rowan pretended to comply with their demands but replaced the kyber saber with an ice shard. Graballa and his henchmen watched as Naare attempted to reforge the Kyber Saber only to have it disintegrate. While Naare and Graballa were distracted, the Freemakers fled into hyperspace on the StarScavenger.[12]

Showdown at the WheelEdit

After the Freemakers escaped from Hoth, Graballa and Naare continued their search for Rowan Freemaker. Graballa orders his spies including the Kubaz Garindan to search for the Freemakers. When Graballa tried to cheer up the Sith, Naare, who was chafing under her Sith masters, threw a tantrum and hurled Graballa and his entourage against the wall of their throne room. Later, Garidan spotted Rowan's older brother and sister Zander and Kordi on Tatooine and reported them to Graballa and Yeppau. While Graballa was disappointed, Naare came up with a plan to force Rowan out of hiding by torturing his older siblings.[13]

Graballa, Naare, and his henchmen traveled to the Freemaker Garage on the space station called the Wheel. There, they cornered Zander and Kordi, who had just returned after an unsuccessful search for Rowan and Roger, who had fled to parts unknown. While Graballa and his henchmen watched, Naare proceeded to torture Zander and Kordi emotionally and psychologically by destroying their prized possessions including Zander's starships and Kordi's credits. Naare's plan worked and Rowan returned with Roger to rescue his family members.[13]

During the ensuing skirmish, Graballa's henchmen Dengar, Baash, and Raam exchanged fire with the Freemakers. After Zander trapped Baash and Raam with a magnetizer, Graballa tried to convince the two to let go of their blasters in order to free themselves. However, Zander fired a gas canister at Graballa, knocking the Hutt into the two gangsters. Despite Rowan putting up a fierce lightsaber and Force battle against Naare, the Sith managed to steal Roger's head, which contained the coordinates of the seventh Kyber Saber.[13]

Freemaker Garage Duel

Naare turns on Graballa and his henchmen

Believing they had bested the Freemakers, Graballa then demanded that the Sith give his share of the Kyber Saber crystals because he needed to pay a deposit for his beachside resort and buffet. However, Naare broke the deal and claimed all seven of the crystals. Using her Force powers, she attacked Graballa and his henchmen and drove them out of the Freemaker Garage. Naare then left on her Eclipse Fighter with Roger's head to claim the last Kyber Saber crystal.[13]

Settling scoresEdit

Fuming over Naare's betrayal, Graballa and his henchmen pursued the Sith agent. Their travels took them to the galactic capital Coruscant, where Naare had attempted to overthrow the Emperor and destroy him with the Kyber Saber. However, her plan was foiled by the Freemakers, who rescued Roger's head and stole the Kyber Saber. While the Emperor was distracted, Naare attempted to escape the ruined Imperial Palace only to run into Graballa, Dengar, Baash, and Raam. They clasped chains onto her wrists and took her prisoner. Returning to the Rancor's Fist, Graballa had Naare frozen into carbonite and displayed her body in his throneroom. While Baash, Raam, and Yeppau struggled to hang the frozen body, Graballa acknowledged that his cousin Jabba often had the right idea. Meanwhile, Rowan destroyed the Kyber Saber by plunging it into the depths of the volcanic planet Sullust.[14]

Imperial Auction on MygeetoEdit

In an effort to find investors for his planned beachside resort, Graballa and his henchmen entered the Mygeeto Auction House, which was auctioning starships that had been confiscated from enemies of the Empire. After briefing his minions Yeppau, Baash, and Raam about his plan, Graballa allowed them to head to the buffet. Graballa then haggled with a Cerean staff member, who questioned his credentials to enter the auction house's luxury terrace. Graballa also made fun of the two-headed Troig Fodesinbeed Annodue, likening him to "rift raft."[15]

While mingling with the nobles in the luxury suite, Graballa encountered Kordi, who was disguised as the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi in her human form. Though Graballa was initially suspicious, Kordi managed to convince him that she was royalty. Believing that "Princess Kortessi" was wealthy, Graballa tried to entice her into investing in his beachside resort by claiming that he had hired a Besalisk as his masseuse. Kordi managed to avoid Graballa by heading to the lady's washroom. Graballa confided in Yeppau that "Kortessi" was not coming back and tried to sell his project to the other nobles.[15]

After Baash and Raam accidentally bid for a Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle with embersteel wings, Graballa angrily lambasted the two bounty hunters back at the Rancor's Fist, which had berthed at the local spaceport. Graballa was furious that he had been forced to fork out 75,000 Credits. Raam tried to offer a cornetto as a sop but Graballa hurled the object at Dengar. When Graballa chastised Dengar for not "babysitting" Baash and Raam, Dengar responded that he was not a babysitter. Graballa countered that he had not hired Dengar to be a "freeloader." At that point, "Princess Kortessi" entered the Rancor's Fist and offered to trade her Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor for the embersteel shuttle. Believing that Princess "Kortessi" was rich, Graballa instead decide to kidnap her and extort a ransom from the Clawdite royal family. Graballa and his men then departed Mygeeto in the Rancor's Fist.[15]

Once in space, Graballa attempted to contact the Clawdite royal family on their HoloNet channel but had to contend with their answering machine. After some difficulty, Graballa managed to reached their automated ransom line only for the HoloNet channel to tell him to wait for the next customer representative. "Kortessi" then taunted him that he would never get past the line. When Dengar reported the arrival of the Freemakers' ship StarScavenger, Graballa was too preoccupied with the kidnapping plan.[15]

While Dengar and the other bounty hunters dealt with Kordi's brothers, "Princess Kortessi" took the opportunity to ingratiate herself with Graballa by offering her services as his informal business adviser. To reduce costs, Kordi advised Graballa to install energy efficient light-emitters and to turn down his thermostat. She also convinced Graballa to downsize his force of retainers. After designating Baash and Raam as liabilities, Graballa promptly ejected several retainers out of the airlock. Believing that the Princess' business plan would help him get the resort in fifty standard years, Graballa invited "Kortessi" onto his team. "Kortessi" agreed on the condition that that he give her his embersteel shuttle.[15]

At that point, Rowan and Zander landed in the Rancor's Fist's hangar to rescue their sister Kordi. Kordi then took advantage of Graballa's confusion to chain him. When Graballa realized that he had been deceived by the Freemakers, he asked Baash and Raam for helped. However, Baash reminded Graballa that he had thrown the other employees out of the airlock. Graballa then ordered Baash and Raam to apprehend the Freemakers but Zander hurled a container at them. Shortly later, Dengar returned in his starfighter and demolished the Freemaker's Eta-2 light interceptor. Following a brief struggle with Dengar, the Freemakers managed to escape in the embersteel shuttle and the StarScavenger.[15]

When the still-chained Graballa demanded that Baash and Raam pursue the Freemakers, the two went on strike and demanded a compensation settlement. Dengar then joined in to complain about the work environment. Later, Jabba contacted his cousin by hologram and offered him a well-paying job opportunity working for Darth Vader. Lord Vader then contacted him to solicit Graballa's expertise in obtaining more kyber crystals for the Second Death Star. Graballa accepted Vader's job offer and then joked about Vader's armor; prompting the Sith Lord to tell him to cut it out.[15]

Debacle at the WheelEdit

After accepting Lord Vader's mining job offer, Graballa and his henchmen Baash and Raam mined an unidentified planet for kyber crystals but found none. Vader subsequently contacted Graballa by hologram and Force choked the Hutt crime lord for his lack of progress. Vader gave Graballa another chance. Following the conversation, Graballa's aide Yeppau suggested that they kidnap Rowan Freemaker so that he could lead them to the crystals. Seeking to gain Lord Vader's favor, Graballa contacted Dengar and told his lead bounty hunter to place a bounty on Rowan's head. Graballa also told Dengar to enlist his old friends for hunting down Rowan.[16]

Dengar subsequently recruited the bounty hunters Bossk, Zuckuss, IG-88, and 4-LOM. These bounty hunters captured Rowan, Zander, and Kordi at the former Freemaker garage at the Wheel space station, which had been converted by Wick Cooper into a cantina. A jubilant Graballa subsequently contacted Lord Vader and informed him that he captured Rowan, whom he stressed could help them find the crystals. In response, Lord Vader ordered his Death Squadron to set course for The Wheel.[16]

Despite Graballa securing the prisoners within a containment field, Kordi managed to pit the droid bounty hunters 4-LOM and IG-88 against their organic counterparts by claiming that Graballa was paying the organics more than the droids. Amidst the chaos, a stray blaster bolt deactivated the containment field, allowing the Freemakers to escape. When Graballa demanded to know what was going on, 4-LOM denounced him for favoring the organics. Graballa responded that he was not paying them anything because his business was gone. Graballa still insisted that the bounty hunters capture the Freemakers, which they refused until Graballa promised to pay them at the same rate.[16]

Shortly later, Lord Vader arrived with his Death Squadron. When contacted by the Sith Lord, Graballa was embarrassed and remarked that he was "dying" to give the Freemakers to Vader. Following a speeder bike chase, the Freemakers managed to elude Graballa's bounty hunters and to escape with the energy matrix activator needed to build the Arrowhead. While the Freemakers escaped with the activator, an embarrassed Graballa tried to blame Rowan's escape on Lord Vader being late. Lord Vader informed Graballa that his time was running out due to this incompetence. Graballa responded that he would agree to do business with the Sith Lord "his way."[16]

Working for Lord VaderEdit

After Lord Vader forcibly obtained the location of the "kyber crystal planet" from Rowan Freemaker, the Sith Lord told Graballa via hologram to take his mining team twelve parsecs past Terminus were he would find the crystals. Graballa initially complained the location was far away and requested that Vader reimburse him for fuel expenses. However, the Sith Lord Force choked Graballa and the Hutt complied.[17]

Graballa and his mining team traveled to the kyber crystal planet and found enough crystals to power two Death Stars. His team subsequently extracted a large number of kyber crystals, which were used to power up the second Death Star. After transporting the kyber crystals to the second Death Star on a fleet of Lambda-class shuttles, Graballa earned Lord Vader's favor. Graballa then tried to convince the Sith Lord to invest in his Beachside Resort and Buffet. However, Vader was not interested and hurled him against the wall through the Force.[18]

Graballa's Beachside Resort and BuffetEdit

About thirty years later, Graballa's dream came true and finally constructed Graballa's Beachside Resort and Buffet on Canto Bight.[19]

Graballa's mission to capture R0-GREdit

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Graballa and Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren asks Graballa to bring him Anakin's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor.

During his time on Canto Bight, the First Order which included Kylo Ren and Phasma arrived at his resort and buffet. Kylo asked Graballa to get Anakin Skywalker's Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor for his Darth Vader collection. Graballa asked what this has to do with him until Phasma came unp to him and said that, according to Imperial records, Anakin's light interceptor was last known to be in the hands of the Freemakers, which still unbeknownst to Graballa, included Pace and Lena, with Lena having coined the name “Freemaker” five decades before. Kylo then said to Graballa that he knew the Freemakers and once helped Darth Vader, so now he will help him. Graballa responded that he hasn't seen Zander, Kordi, or Rowan in thirty years. Graballa also said that he had a brand-new business he was running and maybe they could reschedule this to another time where he could devote his full attention. Kylo became angry and lit his lightsaber and tore apart Graballa's gold statue into pieces. Seeing a precursor of his dreams being crushed, Graballa accepted the mission. The First Order then left. Later, Graballa entered his room in his resort and buffet and having a conversation with his minions including Yeppau. Then Phasma contacted Graballa for a progress report. Graballa told her a false story about him in a nebula. Then Graballa said even if he finds Zander, Kordi, or Rowan, he would not even recognize them because humans age so fast compared to a Hutt. Yeppau then gave a idea to Graballa about their battle droid R0-GR that could find him instead. Graballa said to Yeppau where the nearest

Graballa on Ord Tellarom

Graballa arrives on Ord Tellarom.

Clone Wars battle site was. Yeppau responded with the planet Ord Tellarom, six parsecs away from Cantonica. They later sent course to Ord Tellarom and Graballa took Yeppau, Raam, Baash, a gotal, a duros, and a Weequay with him. When landed, Graballa saw a droid control ship and thought that he can bring R0-GR to them. They got control of the battle droid control panel the panel made R0-GR come to them who was traveling with Moxie Freemaker, Ka-Pao, and Maz Kanata, the former of whom was the daughter of Zander, aboard a TUG-b13. When the four finally arrived, R0-GR began his walk to the droid control ship. During his walking Moxie, Maz, and Ka-Pao tried to stop him but R0-GR ended up stunning them. R0-GR arrived to Graballa but before he had him in his grasp, Moxie, Maz, and Ka-Pao already got to the control panel and took control of R0-GR. R0-GR all of Graballa's minions including him. Moxie, Maz, and Ka-Pao escaped with R0-GR. When Graballa lost R0-GR, Phasma called to report on the mission but when she called, a Zillo Beast came upon them. Later Maz said that she needed to get back to her castle and told Moxie, Ka-Pao, and R0-GR to find another rid back to the Resistance base on D'Qar. While they were searching, Pru Sweevant saw them and contacted Graballa. Pru said to Graballa that he found R0-GR. When he captured him, Ka-Pao bought a old restored Y-45 armored transport hauler. During outside they saw Pru put R0-GR into his ship. Pru took off and so did Moxie and Ka-Pao. Moxie and Ka-Pao tried to capture him but Pru escaped.[19]

Personality and traitsEdit

Graballa had brown skin and a white underbelly. He was smaller than his cousin Jabba. Unlike Jabba, Graballa spoke Galactic Basic but could still understand Huttese. Graballa was about 462 years old following the Battle of Hoth but still saw himself at the prime of his life. Graballa was discontented with his life of managing an ore mine in the Belgaroth asteroid field and wanted to run a beachside resort and buffet. Unable to obtain start-up capital from Jabba, Graballa decided to kidnap the Force-sensitive Rowan Freemaker and force the boy to reveal the location of the scattered pieces of the Kyber Saber, an ancient weapon. As an ambitious and avaricious crime lord, Graballa was willing to feed Rowan to his pet nexu Smiley in order to force his cooperation.[4]

Graballa's desire to start a beachside resort and buffet led him to send his bounty hunters to hunt Rowan.[7] At times, Graballa grew impatient with the incompetence of his hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam.[8] His failure to capture Rowan led him to team up with the Sith agent Naare to hunt down Rowan in return for splitting the Kyber Saber.[9] However, Graballa underestimated the guile of Naare, who turned on Graballa after collecting six of the crystals and learning the location of the final one.[13] Graballa was vindictive towards those who crossed him and exacted his revenge on Naare by freezing her in carbonite.[13]

Graballa's quest to build a beachside resort and buffet led him to entice nobles at the Mygeeto Auction House into becoming investors. Graballa's greed led him to kidnap Kordi, who was impersonating the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi, in an attempt to procure the business capital needed to start up his resort. Graballa's ambitions were frustrated by his incompetent employees particularly Baash and Raam, who posed more of a liability. Graballa was also outwitted by the silver-tongued Kordi, who tricked him into freeing her by offering her services as a business adviser.[15]

Graballa was an unreliable employer who did not pay his employees well. On one occasion, he did not pay Dengar and his bounty hunters but still expected them to hunt down the Freemakers. Lord Vader also despised Graballa for his incompetence in finding kyber crystals, Force choking and levitating him on several occasions.[16] Lord Vader treated Graballa like a tool and refused to consider paying him for his services or investing in his beachside resort.[17][18]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Graballa was experienced with mining. Graballa also proved to be an incompetent manager, whose operating costs exceeded his profits.[15]


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