Gracca's lair was the home of the creature Gracca, perched on the top of the Floating Mountain on the Forest Moon of Endor. The structure was made out of crystals summoned by the power of the Crystal Cloak. After stealing the Crystal Cloak from the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, Gracca had created this structure, which was located at the highest point of the mountain. The building had only small openings, allowing Gracca's servants, such as the flying flowers to enter his lair. However, the top of the building was open to the sky, allowing Gracca to fly out of his lair when he desired.

The structure was distinguished by a crystal throne that sat in the center of the building. All around the throne were discarded pets of the Gracca, creatures which he had either purposefully or intentionally turned into crystal statues. During the Ewoks' attempt to recover the Crystal Cloak, Gracca was in his lair, and one of his pets came to him to tell him about the Ewok intrusion. This allowed Gracca to surprise the Ewoks before they could reach his home.


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