"What's your name?"
―Khedryn Faal and Grace[src]

Grace was a female Human, and one of two daughters of Hunter and Alpha, two Force-sensitive clones produced on a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions. Born around 32 ABY, Grace lived with her parents and nine other clones secretly produced by the Galactic Empire under the rule of Grand Admiral Thrawn. These clones, along with their offspring, called themselves the Community. All the clones, except Soldier, were afflicted by a life-threatening sickness which they passed on to their children, including Grace. The symptoms of the sickness were accelerated in 41 ABY, when the Community escaped the moon and flew through a cloud of Lignan, an ore that intensified the effects of the dark side of the Force.

Hoping to acquire medicine to counteract the sickness's symptoms, the Community flew to the planet Fhost, where the clone named Soldier carried an unconscious Grace through a medical center and hijacked a medical supply ship. They then left Fhost in search of Mother, a Rakatan entity worshiped by the Community. Along the way, the supply ship was attacked by the Umbaran Nyss Nenn, who was working for the One Sith. Nenn killed Grace's mother, along with the clone Runner, and the clones took their ship to a star system to find Mother. Upon the Community's arrival, Mother possessed the body of the clone Seer and attempted to kill Grace and Soldier. After Nenn was killed by the Jedi Jaden Korr, Grace and Soldier escaped the system using the Umbaran's starship and went in search of a new home.


"Only Grace will live to see Mother."

The female Human Grace was born around 32 ABY to Alpha and Hunter, two Force-sensitive clones produced in secret by the Galactic Empire under the regime of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Alpha and Hunter were bred by doctors in an Imperial research facility on a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions, where they and several other clones, collectively known as the Community, killed the doctors and took control of the facility. The clones suffered from a sickness that contributed to clone madness and would eventually kill them if not properly treated with a medicine known as Metacycline. When Hunter gave birth to Grace and her sister Blessing, she passed the sickness on to her daughters, who suffered its effects worse than the clones.[1]

The Community waited on the frozen moon for several years in the hopes of hijacking a starship that could take them to Mother, an entity that communicated to them through the clone Seer.[1] In 41 ABY, that wish was granted when the Jedi Knight named Jaden Korr arrived on the moon after encountering the Sith dreadnaught Harbinger. Korr landed on the moon, stalked by One Sith agent Kell Douro. Korr discovered the clones and dueled with Alpha, eventually killing him. Douro was later killed by Korr's companion, the spacer Khedryn Faal, and the Community used Douro's CloakShape fighter Predator to escape the moon.[2] In the moon's atmosphere, the fighter passed through a cloud of Lignan ore caused by the destruction of the Harbinger. The ore granted the Force-sensitive members of the Community greater power in the use of the dark side of the Force, but it also accelerated the effects of the sickness. When the Community fell into agony from the sickness's symptoms, Soldier, a clone of Jaden Korr and the only member of the Community who did not suffer from the sickness, injected Grace and the others with Metacycline. He then suggested the Community head to the planet Fhost, where he hoped they could acquire more of the ingredients necessary for Metacycline. Along the way, Blessing died from the sickness, as did Gift, another child of the Community's clones. Grace and her mother both survived the journey, but were unconscious. After Soldier injected Grace with a shot of adrenaline, he, Seer, and the clone Runner headed to Fhost's capital city, Farpoint, in a landspeeder, taking the unconscious Grace and Hunter with them. The Community went to the Farpoint Medical Center, and, after a confrontation with Jaden Korr, hijacked a supply ship and took Korr's companion Faal hostage after knocking him unconscious.[1]

Grace reacted well to the medication Soldier gave her, and she regained consciousness aboard the supply ship. Faal later awoke inside the ship's cockpit, where he met Grace. As she smiled at him, he stuck his tongue out at her, causing her to giggle. He was then interrogated by the clones, and, after gleaning what information Faal knew, the clones agreed to kill the spacer. Runner took him to the ship's airlock to eject him into space, but the clone was killed by the Umbaran Nyss Nenn, who had sneaked aboard the ship. Nenn allowed Faal to live with the intention of trading him for Korr, and used a pair of flexcuffs to restrain the spacer to a crossbar in the ship's corridors. Grace, who had sneaked away from the cockpit, later found Faal and helped free him by giving him a knife. She then fled as her Metacycline began to wear off and the symptoms of the sickness worsened, causing her skin to bulge and roil as it distorted her facial features. Faal considered fleeing the ship in an escape pod, but resolved instead to do everything he could to help Grace.[1]

Hunter regained consciousness and went out looking for Grace, but she too encountered Nenn, who killed her with his crossbow. The Umbaran then went to the cockpit to capture Soldier. As he stood outside the cockpit, hoping to surprise Soldier and Seer, Grace spotted him and screamed, alerting the clones. Nenn tried to throw a vibroblade at her, but she ran away before he could. As Soldier fought with the Umbaran, Grace ran to a turbolift and took it down to the floor where she had found Faal. Faal, waiting at the lift several floors down, was prepared to see the Umbaran or a clone inside the lift, and nearly attacked Grace when she emerged. Instead, he comforted the frightened girl, who told him about the situation at the cockpit.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Where is Runner?"
"I don't know. What's your name?"
"I'm glad he didn't hurt you."
―Grace and Khedryn Faal[src]

While often very shy when attention was on her, the red-haired Grace could be very outgoing, even to strangers. When Khedryn Fall was knocked unconscious and taken aboard the Community's hijacked supply ship, Grace immediately interacted with him when he awoke, smiling at him and giggling when he stuck his tongue out in return. Despite the girl's unusual upbringing, Faal remarked to himself that she behaved like any little girl in the galaxy. She was often kind to everyone around her; although Soldier was often the target of cruelty and violence from the rest of the Community, Grace was open and loving toward him, and Soldier cared deeply for her and the other children despite feeling apathetic toward the other clones. Grace's kindness extended even to Faal, whom she hardly knew, and she expressed to him her happiness when she saw that Runner had not harmed him. Despite being frightened when Faal nearly attacked her with a knife, she remained kind to him and giggled at his jokes.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The clones of the Community were first introduced in Crosscurrent, a 2010 novel written by Paul S. Kemp. Jaden Korr remarks in the novel that the clones may have had offspring, which was proven true in Crosscurrent's 2011 sequel, Riptide, in which Grace makes her first appearance.


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