Grace Command was a mercy organization from the planet Alderaan that officially carried out missions into Sith-controlled regions of space during the time of the New Sith Wars. They also operated a fleet of starships which included Fire Lotus-class starfighters and transport ships. Former Republic Navy Captain Jenn Devaad commanded a squadron of Fire Lotus starfighters known as Devil Squadron. In reality, Grace Command was a front set up by the Republic Intelligence officer Baron Lemayne for his own intelligence operations. One of these operations included Operation Deluge which aimed to destabilize the Sith domains by distributing the narcotic Deluge amongst their military forces, in the process affecting local populations. Deluge was strong enough to neutralize a sentient being's desires while rendering them in a lethargic and apathetic state.

In about 1032 BBY, Grace Command dispatched Devil Squadron, a volunteer force commanded by Captain Jenn Devaad, to liberate the planet Aquilaris Minor, in preparation for Grace Command supply missions to the world. This would have enormous social and health consequences on the local population. Devil Squadron was subsequently captured following a space dogfight by the Hutt crime lord Zodoh who also deployed a fleet of storm-creating Stormdrivers on Aquilaris, creating a global flood. Zodoh also attempted to emulate Operation Deluge's success by synthesizing his stock of Deluge and lacing food supplies with the drug. By affecting every adult and child in the Grumani sector, Zodoh sought to weaken Sith resistance and become the undisputed rule of the region. He coerced her into collecting samples of the drug on the pretext of sparing her crew.

Jenn complied but Zodoh did not keep his promise, instead killing her crew by releasing them through the airlock. In retaliation, Jenn sabotaged the food containers carrying Deluge with time-rigged explosives and detonated them, allowing her to escape and regroup with the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt. Zodoh was ultimately defeated and slain after the Battle of Darkknell, ending any Hutt ambitions of challenging Sith domination in Sith Space. Following the Aquilaris campaign, Devaad and Holt came up with a strategy to sabotage Operation Deluge. Devaad would return to Grace Command and claim that she had gotten for distributing the Deluge on Aquilaris Minor. This ensured that Grace Command would continue to send a transport ship which Devaad would personally fly to and from Sith occupied words. En route, she would get rid of the Deluge while returning to the Republic with civilian refugees. With its underwater Harvester stations, Aquilaris would become a major hub for refugees within the Grumani sector.



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