Graduation Day is a story in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 10. It stars three Force users previously kicked out of the Jedi academy defending Dantooine against a Separatist droid attack.


Quietly working out on the fields of Dantooine, Wass drops his job in surprise as he sees Separatist ships moving in on the horizon. He runs back to his friends, declaring that their day has come. As the rest of the children flee to the escape ship, Wass and two of his friends stay behind to hold off the droids, only to find that they are trapped. Zac uses his connection with animals to start a stampede, trampling the droids and clearing a path. The three split up, each using their unique skills to decimate the droid ranks. Zac and Wass' third friend quickly move to the escape ship and begin piloting it away. They reach Wass just as he is outnumbered in the fields, picking him up to safety. When asked what their destination is, Zac firmly replies that they're heading to the Jedi academy on Coruscant to graduate at last.


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