"It's been a very tough first quarter for us. We do get attendants, but they're mostly all from local space. No one seems to want to travel far from home these days. I'm confident, though, that the mid-year will be good to us, what with the kids out of school and wanting things to do."
―Graekus Shubelle[src]

Graekus Shubelle was, in 22 BBY, the administrator of Hologram Fun World,[1] a space station and amusement park located in the Zabian system of the Outer Rim Territories.[2]

In the first quarter of 22 BBY, a decline in the galactic tourism industry caused Hologram Fun World's attendance to drop. The amusement park's queue for the Anywhere Room, a popular attraction where visitors could explore a holographic version of any known planet, dipped from several thousand to under four hundred, with most of the remaining tourists coming from local space. Shubelle was confident that once the younglings were out of school later that year, attendance would return to normal. This optimism, however, was not shared by some members of the tourism industry, including resort owner Byll Shotaleve.[1]

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Despite the fact that Hologram Fun World's attendance was dropping, Shubelle remained optimistic, and hoped that attendance would return to normal once the children were out of school.[1]

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Shubelle makes a minor appearance in the in-universe HoloNet News article Leisure Industry Suffers Record Losses.[1] This article was part of issue Vol. 531. 52, and was released on April 18, 2002.[1]

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