The Graf Archive was a vast depository of documents and other materials of public or historical importance. Founded before the fall of the First Order and covering most of Orchis 2's surface, it was named after and strongly connected to the Graf family.


The Graf Archive covered most of the surface of the moon Orchis 2. Its many databanks, galleries, and shelves contained texts, antiques, artworks, and even preserved plants and animals from all across the galaxy. The items which could not be readily identified were placed in the underground Shadow Stacks, where they waited to be processed, often for several years.[2]


Positions within the Graf Archive included archivists, a Head Curator, a Director,[2] and a Deputy Director. Archive droids were also employed.[4] At some point, Lina Graf was the head curator of the archive.[3]


Lina in the Archive

Lina Graf communicating with her grandnephew from inside the Archive

The Graf Archive was founded at some point before the fall of the First Order[5] in the year 35 ABY.[1] At the time, Lina Graf was in charge of the Archive, and her grand-nephew Emil Graf contributed to the expansion of the library by collecting data during his travels aboard the Star Herald. He notably managed to locate the Lost Library of Nelgenam.[5]

Eventually, Amel Fortoon became director of the Graf Archive. It was during Fortoon's tenure that the famous historian Eloc Throno came to study cartography at the Archive.[6]

At a later point during Fortoon's tenure, a trainee archivist searching the Shadow Stacks exhumed a set of planetary maps drawn by the famed Ithorian artist Gammit Chond.[2] At some other point, a restoration effort was started, and a task force led by archive droid TR-33NA was assembled to scour the library for artifacts of historical importance. One of their first significant discoveries, deep within the stacks, was an old journal filled with sketches and accounts of alien species and cultures from all over the galaxy. Although the author was not easy to identify, the drawing style of the sketches was reminiscent of Gammit Chond.[4]



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