Graf Lind was a male Human hailing from the Outer Rim world Saleucami. A pirate affiliated with the Veiled Sorority, Lind was investigated by agents of the Zann Consortium during the Galactic Civil War.


A pirate operating on Saleucami during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Graf Lind was associated with the Veiled Sorority until he was cast out from their group for unknown reasons. Around this time, Lind lost his right leg to the Sorority, cobbling together a cheap prosthetic leg and walking with a polished bubse wood cane which contained a vibrorapier. Living in the city of Taleucema, Lind's residence in the overcrowded slum called the Warren had a single room and showed signs of decades of wear. Gaining the protection of a local street gang, as denoted by a single black X on the door, Lind maintained a simple routine which consisted of running errands at noon, and returning with food and rotgut. When the Zann Consortium became suspicious of Lind's connection to the Sorority when the Consortium's ships began losing cargo to pirates, a bounty hunter was sent to investigate him.


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