The Graf family, also known as the Graf clan, or as the Grafs, was a family of humans who lived in the galaxy. During the Hyperspace Rush, they competed with the San Tekka clan to gain influence and power, becoming one of the Galactic Republic's wealthiest families into the High Republic Era. However, much of the Grafs' assets were frozen by the Republic after it was discovered they had been colluding with the Nihil pirates and their supposed leader, Lourna Dee.[2] Following the Clone Wars, Auric Graf and his wife Rhyssa had two children, Lina and Milo, and together they explored Wild Space.[1] Emil Graf, grandson of Milo Graf, was an adventurer.[6]

Family Tree[]

High Republic Era[]

Catriona Graf[2]
Xylan Graf's mother[2]
Xylan Graf[2]

Imperial Era and beyond[]

Auric Graf[1]
Rhyssa Graf[1]
Milo Graf[1]
Lina Graf[1]
(1 generation)[6]
Emil Graf[6]



Notes and references[]