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"At 0700 yesterday morning, a sociology tour group from the University of Coruscant entered the Temple's public lobby. They then unleashed pre-programmed graffiti-bombs with such messages as 'Broodsnatchers!,' 'Baby Ludi Wants Her Mom,' 'Justice, Peace & Kidnappings' and logos of the People's Inquest movement in the polished interior."
―A HoloNet News report[src]

A graffiti-bomb was a bomb that used graffiti to emblazon images or text upon surfaces. In 22 BBY, graffiti-bombs were used by twenty University of Coruscant students to vandalize the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during a protest over the controversial "Baby Ludi" custody case. The protest was soon stopped by the Jedi, and Galactic Republic Judicials subsequently arrested the student protesters.


A graffiti-bomb was a programmable bomb that, when released, placed images or text on the surfaces with which the bomb came into contact. Graffiti-bombs were used to convey a message or ideal, and using a graffiti-bomb in certain areas was considered vandalism.[1]


In 22 BBY, twenty sociology students from the University of Coruscant, under the guise of a tour group, infiltrated the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant to hold a protest over the highly controversial "Baby Ludi" custody case. The university students believed that Ludi Billane, an infant Jedi youngling, should be returned to her mother. As a result, the students, upon entering the Temple's public lobby, deployed graffiti-bombs to deface the lobby's interior. The bombs displayed several anti-Jedi messages calling for Billane's release from the Jedi Order, as well as the insignia of the People's Inquest movement,[1] a Jedi watch group that also wanted Billane to be given back to her mother.[2] The protest was eventually ended by the Jedi, and the students were arrested by Galactic Republic Judicials for vandalizing and storming the Jedi Temple. The students' demonstration, including their use of graffiti-bombs, was later reported by the HoloNet News.[1]

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The graffiti-bomb was first mentioned in the in-universe HoloNet News Vol. 531 51 article "Activists Deface Jedi Temple Lobby", written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens and released on April 11, 2002.[1]


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