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"U wamma won ka? Ka goba wupi upi!"
―Gragra to Jar Jar Binks[src]

Gragra was a female Swokes Swokes gorgmonger that worked in the marketplace of Mos Espa. Gragra grew her food in a sewer zone underneath Mos Espa.


Gragra full body shot

Gragra in 32 BBY.

In 32 BBY, Gragra demanded that Jar Jar Binks pay the seven wupiupi for a gorg he ate from her market stall. Sebulba then started to bully Jar Jar as revenge for the latter inadvertently ruining his meal by spitting it out into his bowl of soup, and Gragra left the issue unattended.

Gragra regretted her harsh behavior, and on later reflection realizing that perhaps it had been caused by trouble at home. She spoke to her husband, Grognak, only to discover that he was as emotionally distant as he had always been.

This encouraged her to sell enough gorgs, including sauces created from them, to buy her own ship, so that she could leave her husband and her life of quiet domestic oppression behind, becoming a symbol to Gorgmongers everywhere.

She eventually left Mos Espa to work elsewhere, which caused the gorg population in the sewers to grow considerably over the following years. Homeless people often fed on these gorgs.[1]



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