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Grakchawwaa was a Wookiee who served as King of Kashyyyk in the last years of the Galactic Republic. He fought alongside Wookiee warriors such as Alrrark during the Clone Wars on the planet Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, where the king wielded a Klorri-clan battle shield.

In the last moments of the war, Grakchawwaa stood with Jedi General Luminara Unduli as Wookiees and Republic forces prepared to repel the Separatists from the Kashyyyk tree-city of Kachirho. However, whilst the Separatist invasion of 19 BBY was thwarted, the Republic clone troopers turned against the Jedi and their Wookiee allies. Kashyyyk fell to the Galactic Empire instead, which enslaved its Wookiee population until the world was liberated by the New Republic in 5 ABY.


King Grakchawwaa stands alongside Jedi General Luminara Unduli in the prelude to the Battle of Kachirho.

The Wookiee Grakchawwaa was King of Kashyyyk in the last years of the Galactic Republic. Alongside Wookiee warriors such as Alrrark, Grakchawwaa fought in the Clone Wars on his species' homeworld Kashyyyk,[1] which was invaded by the Separatists[3] in 19 BBY.[4] With a Klorri-clan battle shield[5] in hand, Grakchawwaa stood alongside[3] Jedi General Luminara Unduli[6] and the Republic clone troopers under her command in the final moments of the Clone Wars, surveying[3] the Kashyyyk tree-city of Kachirho's beach as Separatist forces moved to mount an amphibious assault there. While the natives and Republic forces prepared to repel the Separatists, Wookiee warriors from across the planet Kashyyyk flocked to Kachirho because of its strategical importance in the region.[6]

The Separatist Alliance lost the resulting Battle of Kachirho, although the clone troopers turned on their Jedi commanders during the battle in response to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Order 66 command; in the Kachirho settlement, Palpatine's troopers captured Luminara Unduli and attempted to kill Jedi Grand Master Yoda, a respected figure amongst Wookiees. With allies becoming foes, the Wookiees were then targeted by clones serving Palpatine's Galactic Empire, a regime that replaced the Republic soon after the issuance of Order 66 and went on to enslave the Wookiees of Kashyyyk,[6] including warriors such as Alrrark who fought alongside Grakchawwaa,[1] until the world was liberated by New Republic forces[6] in 5 ABY.[7][8]

Personality and traits[]

Grakchawwaa was a male Wookiee who sported predominantly light brown hair, although there were some patches of dark brown hair on his limbs. The king had five hair braids descending from his head to over his chest, each featuring a red knot.[2]


Grakchawwaa's Klorri-clan battle shield

As with some other Wookiees, Grakchawwaa held a[3] Klorri-clan battle shield[5] moments before the Battle of Kachirho began. In addition, the Wookiee had a brown belt around his waist and a bandolier that rested on both of his shoulders, converged at his chest, and wrapped across his torso.[3] Grakchawwaa also donned a Wookiee helmet with a fabric neck cover,[2] although he did not wear it while the Wookiee and Republic forces prepared the defense of Kachirho.[3]

Behind the scenes[]


Grakchawwaa appears in the 2005 prequel trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[3] In the new Star Wars canon, the name "Grakchawwaa" was first mentioned in the 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising,[1] with a 2018 card from Star Wars: Card Trader attributing the name to[2] the Revenge of the Sith Wookiee that was established to be Grakchawwaa in the Star Wars Legends continuity.[9]

Revenge of the Sith[]

"Chewie's actually way younger than all of you. You guys are the senior warriors of the pack here, and Chewie is just a little kid in this movie, and he grows up to be an important Wookiee later on."
―Rob Coleman directs the Wookiee extras during the filming of Revenge of the Sith[src]

Grakchawwaa was one of eight Wookiees to have a practical costume in the production of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.[10] The eight costumes were constructed by Industrial Light & Magic's creature department for the film,[11] a task Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels describes to be the most difficult for the department.[12] While Chewbacca was portrayed by actor Peter Mayhew during the production of Revenge of the Sith in Sydney, Australia,[10] each of the remaining seven costumes were worn by local extras, which included several basketball players and a corrections officer.[12] The film's credits do not state which person played which Wookiee,[3] but other official sources have connected four of the extras to their respective roles. Grakchawwaa is not one of those roles, but process of elimination reveals that the character was played by either Steven Foy, James Rowland, or Julian Khazzouh, and was either Wookiee #1, 2, or 6 in the production of Revenge of the Sith.[13]

A photograph of the seven Wookiees, excluding Chewbacca and including Grakchawwaa, (top-left) taken during the production of Revenge of the Sith

Each Wookiee extra had a full body and head cast made for use in a fitted fiberglass muscle suit[11] that was then covered in an elastic material knitted with modacrylic hair.[12] Scenes of Wookiees preparing for battle and battling on Kashyyyk in Revenge of the Sith were filmed against a bluescreen on Stage 2 at Fox Studios in Sydney, with the shots, excluding those of Chewbacca and Tarfful, being taken with a single camera on May 17, 2004. The shoots were directed by Industrial Light & Magic's Rob Coleman, who had met with film director George Lucas a week prior to discuss the Wookiees' hero shots.[10] When Coleman directed the Wookiee extras, he stated that their characters were senior Wookiee leaders, and that Chewbacca was significantly younger than them.[11]

Grakchawwaa appears twice in a tracking shot of Revenge of the Sith. Earlier in the shot set on Kashyyyk, a part of Grakchawwaa's body is visible to the right of the screen, holding a long-gun and conversing with Lachichuk as clone troopers ran by the pair of Wookiees. Later in the shot, Grakchawwaa is fully visible to the left of the screen, holding a shield next to Luminara Unduli.[3] For another scene, when the Wookiees charge towards the Separatists at the beach, Grakchawwaa and four other Wookiee characters were filmed repeatedly rushing over a barrier. Each time the scene was filmed, the Wookiees took new positions and carried different weapons and accessories. The shots for the Wookiee charge were then digitally combined to fill out the front row of the Wookiee army,[11] and the Wookiees were afterward digitally duplicated so as to present dozens of additional warriors standing behind them and participating in the beachfront battle.[14] The multiple Grakchawwaa costumes in the final cut of the film held either a long-gun or a Wookiee bowcaster.[3]


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