"Take your feet off the table! You complain of sand in my food—when you put your feet on my dinner table? You have the manners of dragons!"
―Grake, confronting Hethrir's Proctors over quality of dinner[1]

Grake was a female member of the insectoid Veubg species. She was a slave at Hethrir's private Worldcraft in 14 ABY during the Empire Reborn insurgency. Grake worked as a cook in Hethrir's kitchen, preparing food for the captive children.


"A joke? Sand—in my food?"

Once, angered by the ill manners of the Proctors stationed there who complained of sand in their food, Grake used her spatula to hit the heads of several Proctors before throwing out fruit to the younger and lower-ranking captive children who were starved. She was not killed since she quickly went back to her duties in the kitchen. Later, when New Republic Chief of State Leia Organa Solo arrived on the Worldcraft to reclaim her children and liberate the captive children, Leia freed Grake from her slavery.



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