"Hey, Grakko. Umm. Let me pass…for old time's sake?"
Love to. Can't. Job specifically requires you dead. You're a nice thief, but you must die now."
Khaleen Hentz and Grakko[src]

Grakko was a male Quarren mercenary who worked for the Falleen crime lord Zenex on the Wheel space station.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Grakko was tasked with killing Khaleen Hentz, whom he had encountered at some point in the past, after she had stolen an important holodisc from Zenex. Grakko caught up with her on the maintenance levels of The Wheel, where they engaged in a brief fight. The fight ended when Khaleen set off a detonator that was still attached to Grakko's utility belt. Grakko was killed in the explosion.

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