Graleca was one of the largest cities on Jerrilek. It was situated on an island in the planet's equatorial archipelago and was primarily an agriculture industrial city with few tourist attractions. Many of the buildings in the city were airy and made of white stone. There were also several lush gardens in the city. It was the home of the Dorat family.


The city is split up into two zones. The western part of the city is the city proper and fairly urban and industrial, housing a small starport to the south and a fishing harbor to the north. The northern quarter was mainly industrial while the southern quarter with its many beaches was primarily residential. The eastern zone was rural, consisting of woods, farms and estates. The Dorat villa in this zone to the extreme south.

Historical eventsEdit

The city became the locus of a skirmish, as Rebel operatives and Imperial operatives from the Imperial Security Bureau clashed in connection with Imperial Admiral Chel Dorat's attempt at defection to the Rebel Alliance. The skrimish consisted mainly of a dramatic seaskimmer chase along the southern coastline of the island.


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