"My name is Gramm Rile, and I'm what you'd call the mayor around here."
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Gramm Rile was a Human male who served as mayor of the town of Mos Taike on the Outer Rim desert world of Tatooine during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Sometime following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Mayor Rile became involved with a series of challenges facing his small town. This included securing water for his citizens and defending the town from various threats, such as creature infestations and Tusken Raider attacks. Yet with the help of a spacer and the citizens of Mos Taike, Gramm Rile managed to solve most of these problems.

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Gramm Rile was a Human male and the husband of Chastina Rile. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Rile served as mayor over a small backwater town on the Outer Rim desert world of Tatooine. The town, known as Mos Taike, was located between the Xelric Draw and Northern Dune Sea, east of the much larger Mos Entha. Its location posed somewhat of a problem, as it would often fall under attack by various creatures, as well as the ruthless, indigenous Tusken Raiders.

As mayor, Rile oversaw a town with a diverse group of citizens. A female Bith named D'Mayna Stallaphalat ran the town's Third Sun Cantina, an establishment which also doubled as a medical facility. The citizenry also included junk dealers, merchants, and adventurers. Rile was also responsible for the Mos Taike Militia, a force which was composed of citizens willing to defend their territory from aggressive entities. Chief of Security Lorne Prestar was directly in charge of the militia, and worked closely with Gramm Rile regarding the town's safety.

Aside from some technological conveniences, such as banking kiosks and a garage for vehicle repairs, Mos Taike paled in comparison to the other settlements on Tatooine. Mos Taike lacked any kind of shuttleport for easy transportation to and from the town. The isolated nature of Mos Taike made securing the town rather challenging for Mayor Rile. For instance, the city's water supply was almost entirely dependent on one person delivering the resource successfully. These challenges, as well as a number of others, frustrated Rile greatly.[1]

He grew so frustrated with the constant attacks by Tusken Raiders that he petitioned both Tour Aryon and Prefect Talmont to have an Imperial garrison built in the vicinity. They agreed to send a surveyor to evaluate the situation, but he never arrived. Fearing the surveyor to be lost, or worse, Rile pleaded with an unknown spacer to locate the surveyor and escort him to town. The spacer agreed, and eventually found the exhausted, dehydrated surveyor. With the surveyor brought back to town, shaken but alive, Rile wasted no time in showing him around town. After some discussion, the surveyor agreed with Rile to send a report to Talmont which would recommend the establishment of an Imperial garrison.

Unfortunately, another matter plagued Mos Taike. Their main supplier of water lost several caravans, and wanted to recover her losses by making the city pay for it. Rile asked the spacer who helped him earlier to locate a farmer named Merg Thando, who was willing to sell water for the standard price. The spacer, determined to help aid Mos Taike, agreed to find Merg and bring him to town. With Merg escorted safely to town, Mos Taike could once again afford water.

Not long afterwards, Rile learned some distressing news. Prefect Talmont decided it was not worthwhile to expend Imperial resources to build a garrison for Mos Taike. Disappointed, but not giving up on his citizens, Rile decided to turn to Jabba's criminal empire for protection. However, Mos Taike was low on funds, and probably couldn't afford such services. Nonetheless, Rile sent the spacer to contact one of Jabba's business associates in the hope that they would have the heart to help them for a low price.

The spacer found the business associate and brought him to Mos Taike to meet Gramm Rile. Rile sat down with the associate to explain their plight and negotiate a fair settlement. However, the talks quickly came to an end, as the price of Jabba's "help" angered Rile: Mos Taike was to send seven citizens a year to be Jabba's slaves. Rile wanted none of that, feeling it better to die free than live a slave.

Running out of options, Rile decided that they had no choice but to fight the Tuskens on their own, starting by bringing everyone back to town safely. Before he could say more, Rile was horrified to see that his wife was dangerously outside of town. The spacer agreed to bring her back to town, while Rile saw to it that all other citizens were assembled. As soon as Chastina was brought safely back to town, Rile learned from his security chief that a Tusken raid was on its way. With Rile and his citizens completely together, they prepared for an epic battle against the Tusken aggressors.

Rile thanked the spacer who had helped him, but understood that the spacer could not stay to help defend the city. But with both the mayor's and the spacer's devotion, enough citizens were gathered to successfully defeat the Tusken invasion.

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Gramm Rile was one of many non-player characters (NPCs) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies prior to the game's closure on December 15, 2011. Players could do four short quests for the mayor, which simply involved escorting or slaying a number of NPCs.

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