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"Yes, he's a prince, our jailer, isn't he?"
―Luke Skywalker, regarding Grammel[src]

Captain-Supervisor Grammel was a square-jawed, mustached, black-haired Human male and Imperial Army officer who commanded the Imperial mining operation on Circarpous V.


"It is only I, Governor, a humble servant of the Emperor, Captain-Supervisor Grammel. I am in charge of the secret mining colony on Cicarpous V."
―Grammel, to Governor Essada[src]

Captain-Supervisor Grammel

Grammel earned a reputation as a ruthless, sadistic officer, routinely torturing prisoners, whether he needed to or not.

When he learned of the existence of the Kaiburr crystal and the presence of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, he informed Governor Bin Essada, who in turn informed Darth Vader.

However, the two prisoners managed to escape from custody with the help of two Yuzzem, Hin and Kee, and their fellow Human Halla. During the chaos, Grammel was injured in an explosion resulting in a significant portion of his face being burned, his right arm having to be "re-formed" and his ear damaged. Upon Darth Vader's arrival, the Sith Lord was disappointed with Grammel over his failure to prevent them from escaping. Worse, Vader took over the command of Grammel's troops.

Grammel is killed by Darth Vader

Grammel was ordered to seize the Rebel Alliance leaders, a task he failed to complete. Despite — or perhaps as a result of — his pleas and excuses, Grammel was bisected by Darth Vader's lightsaber for his incompetence.