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Imperial Grand Admirals Thrawn and Miltin Takel in their Grand Admiral uniforms

"He was wearing a white uniform. No other Imperial officers wore anything like that. And the contact I was with specifically called him a Grand Admiral."
Han Solo to the New Republic Provisional Council.[src]

The Grand Admiral uniform was the official uniform worn originally by the thirteen Grand Admirals personally chosen by Emperor Palpatine. Similar in cut to the standard Imperial uniform, it was distinguished by being stark white in color as opposed to the usual olive-gray. Other distinctions included a unique rank insignia plaque, and gold epaulets. Owing to its distinctive appearance, a number of Grand Admirals relied on only the plain white uniform without other insignia to identify themselves.

Many other Imperial individuals began wearing the uniform as a sign of its power, despite not officially being promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral. Most notable were Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, who wore a customized blood red uniform with a Grand Admiral's rank plaque when she ruled Coruscant after Grand Vizier Sate Pestage's death; Warlord Zsinj during his war with the New Republic; and even Thrawn himself, who was seen wearing a similar uniform prior to his official promotion (at the very least since he held the rank of Vice Admiral).

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