The Grand Concourse was a large, canyon-like hallway that ringed the Grand Convocation Chamber in the Senate Building on Coruscant. Leading from the Atrium of the Senate, it allowed access to the lower tier of the Senate Building, and ascended up and around the Senate Chamber. Turbolifts provided access to almost anywhere in the building.

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The Grand Concourse separates the Convocation Chamber from the delegation offices.

The crossroads in the Senate Building, the Grand Concourse provided access to the entire complex from the many turbolifts or terminals lining its walls. The massive walkway hugged the Grand Convocation Chamber, resembling a crevice separating the chamber and preparation offices from the large and expansive delegation offices. A maze of balconies and bridges crossing the sloping canyon, the floors were made of a polished black stone, while the grey walls were decorated by the same impressionistic statues found outside on the Avenue of the Core Founders.[7]

As senatorial aides and droids bustle about the corridors high level representatives would use private access turbolifts to access high levels and their private offices.[7] On the lower level hallways, areas of the floor were sunken and served as seating areas, while others were stairs or ramps down to lower levels.[8] When the Clone Wars erupted between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Senate installed large proclamation boards high on the Concourse's walls in an effort to keep senators informed and up-to-date on the war's progress and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's executive orders.[9]

After the alien Yuuzhan Vong invaded the capital world, the Concourse was destroyed, and what areas remained were filled with yorik coral.[10]

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