Grand Hypergate

One of the Grand Hypergates

Appearing as a circle surrounded by seven archways around a central obelisk, these ancient pieces of technology were remnants of the almost forgotten Gree civilization.


Located in the ruins outside the city of Satikan on the planet Asation, each archway was actually a hypergate. Two of these terminated at the planet Gree, and the others, save two, terminated on the worlds of Te Hasa, Malanose, and Licha In. Where the remaining two hypergates terminated is unknown.

The central obelisk was believed to be the control point from which the gate was activated; however, the planet's Gatemaster had long forgotten the secrets of using the technology. This was not due to a lack of trying. He made repeated attempts to discover how to operate this hypergate, but this had taken an almost ritualistic feeling with no success.



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