The Grand Lord's Hand was a position within the Lost Tribe of Sith's hierarchy on Kesh, an isolated planet in the remote fringes Outer Rim Territories. Like the Emperor's Hands utilized by other Sith empires, these Hands served as spies and secret agents of the ruling Grand Lord who operated outside conventional protocols. At some point, the Grand Lord Varner Hilts offered his daughter Takara Hilts the opportunity as serving as his own Hand. However, she declined the offer in favor of becoming the Prefect of the Tahv Constabulary, a much lower position within the Sith establishment.

In 2974 BBY, Varner offered the former outcast and reluctant "savior" of the Tribe Parlan Spinner the same job. Spinner told Varner that he would consider the career option before departing for a date with his former–enemy–turned–lover Takara. Later, Varner privately expressed to his wife Grand Consort Iliana Hilts that he hoped that Spinner and Takara would serve as his new Hands in the future.


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