The Grand Master's offices were a series of chambers located within the High Council Tower of the rebuilt Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


Following the destruction of the Jedi Temple used for the last millennia of the Galactic Republic's history by the Jedi Order, the Galactic Alliance Chief of State Cal Omas ordered that the Reconstruction Authority rebuild the ancient ziggurat as a gift to the reformed Order. While the Order was still struggling to grow since the costly Yuuzhan Vong War, many of the Order's Knights and Masters took up residence in the new Temple, in addition to their own private apartments elsewhere in Galactic City.[3]

Within the new Temple, a set of offices were constructed within the High Council Spire to service the needs of the Order's Grand Master. Taking up residence in the suite Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara, used the chambers in addition to their private apartment as a place to rest after late night High Council meetings.[4]

During the Dark Nest Crisis, the Skywalkers were staying on Coruscant investigating a security breach revealed by Aryn Dro Thul of Bornaryn Trading. Having called the suspected moles to the Knights' Billet, Knights Tahiri Veila, Lowbacca, and Tesar Sebatyne, Skywalker questioned them briefly before sending them off to Dagobah for reflection on their betrayal. However, before they left, they made a startling accusation; Knight Jacen Solo had wiped certain memories from the mind of the Grand Master's son, Ben Skywalker. Troubled by the accusations, the Skywalkers summoned Solo to Coruscant to question him. When he arrived, Alliance expert slicer Zakarisz Ghent was busy in the Skywalkers' room installing an ancient OmniGate in the astromech droid R2-D2. Deciding that Solo could stay to see the holorecord that R2-D2 would reveal, the group watched in shock as a recording of events that transpired in 19 BBY played out across the floor. In the recording Senator Padmé Amidala and Sith Lord Darth Vader discussed the burning of the Jedi Temple, before the OmniGate grew too hot to operate. The Grand Master asked Ghent to prepare a cloned OmniGate so that he could view more holos before taking his wife and nephew out into the more open sitting room.[1]

Confronting him with the information gleaned from the rogue Knights, Jacen explained that he and Ben had been camping on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor when a Gorax attacked and captured a group of Ewok's. The extremely sensitive young Skywalker felt the violent deaths of the Ewoks, making Solo feel that it was necessary to block the memories to keep Ben using the Force. However, this story wasn't entirely accurate. Solo had actually been using the Force to erase all memories of himself with Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo. As the trio returned into the main chamber to check on Ghent's progress, they caught the slicer planting listening devices around the room. After reprimanding him, Skywalker allowed Ghent to finish on R2.[1]

Following the end of the war, the Alliance seemed to be at relative peace. One night, however, Luke Skywalker was sleeping in his chambers when he was struck by a Force vision of someone who didn't exist. The bizarre message from the Force confused the Skywalkers, leading them to predict the coming of a new enemy, one that they could not sense. Not long after, the Masters Skywalker were once more asleep at the Temple when two mysterious figures attacked them. The two shadow beings, not-Jacen Solo and not-Ben Skywalker, attacked Luke and Mara as they strangely hovered above the ground. After a brief duel, the phantoms vanished and the bewildered Jedi Masters went to the communication center to try and raise the real Solo and Skywalker boys.[5]

Weeks later the Skywalkers were awoken late in the evening by a comm message from Apprentice Seha Dorvald who was stationed in the Jedi Temple Reception Hall reporting that a man by the name Twinsins Thlee was asking for him. The Masters Skywalker deciphered the name as Twin Suns Three, the callsign of Colonel Jagged Fel.[4]

Following the death of Mara Skywalker on Kavan at the hands of Jacen Solo, much of her personal belongings were stored away, though the Grand Master did keep a few affects lying about. In 43 ABY, Skywalker was resting when Master Cilghal awoke him and informed him that the psychotic Valin Horn had escaped the Halls of Healing and delved into the Undercity. Skywalker ordered that all available Knights and Masters assemble in the Great Hall and prepare to go out and search for him. After many sleepless nights, Skywalker was arrested and banished from Coruscant, having been charged and convicted of negligence in regards to Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side. Packing most of his things, Skywalker and his son were escorted by Master Cilghal to the Great Hall where nearly every Jedi available was waiting to bid farewell to their Grand Master.[6]

With the exile of Master Skywalker from Coruscant, the room lay unoccupied for a time. Eventually, to assert his control of the Order, Interim Master Kenth Hamner moved into the chambers.[7] Hamner took a personal assistant, Apprentice Kani Asari, and she would often spend late nights working in the outer office of the suite, pouring over text files and Senatorial documents. Following the siege of the Temple, Hamner occupied his time by searching blueprints of the Temple for a way out. While tirelessly searching, Master Cilghal rushed into the room and announced that all of the psychotic Jedi seemed to have returned to their normal state and that the crisis might be near its conclusion.[8]


Located a floor above the Council members' level of the High Council Tower, the suite was located directly next to the turbolift that accessed the High Council Chamber at the summit of the Tower. Outside the suite was a small larmalstone lobby which greeted guests to the Grand Master's chambers in the Temple.[7] Behind the sealed security door was a simple outer office which served as a public meeting area. Padded benches were set at an oblique in the sunken conversation area to minimize negative energy being passed directly to others during heated arguments, while the lights were kept at a dim, calming setting. A small waterfall trickled in the corner and the basin below it was filled with goldies that ran laps around the small pool. A working space was set towards the rear of the room where Master Skywalker, and later Master Hamner, could work on the issues set before the Grand Master.[1]

Beyond the outer office was the inner sanctum of the Grand Master. A large bed with a headboard upon which the Master's lightsaber rested occupied most of the room, while two datascreens sat on a table in the corner of the room. Staves and practice weapons lined one wall, while another was filled with inset drawers which held their limited amount of clothing.[1]


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