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"You will be in charge of that, Moff Tarkin. Or should I say Grand Moff Tarkin."
"Grand Moff?"
"The Empire's first."
―Emperor Palpatine and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Grand Moff was a political title in the hierarchy of the Galactic Empire.[8] Grand Moffs were governors of Oversectors, which were grouped star systems and sectors that demonstrated signs of unrest.[9] Oversectors and the rank of Grand Moff were both created at the suggestion of Governor Wilhuff Tarkin in the fifth year of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's reign. Tarkin became the first ever Grand Moff.[2] As a symbol of their charge, Grand Moffs bore a rank insignia plaque with twelve colored squares—a row of six blue squares over a row of three red and three gold ones.[1]

Other Imperial officers who became Grand Moffs include Randd,[4] Lozen Tolruck,[5] and Valco Pandion.[3] Randd served as Grand Moff of the Exterior in the Outer Rim Territories, and Tolruck served as Grand Moff of Kashyyyk.[5] Pandion was a Moff who proclaimed himself a Grand Moff following the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star.[3]

Grand Moffs had a large amount of liberty to subdue insurrectionist regions, and as such had the authority to deploy and command Imperial Military resources, and were allowed to override any Moff or planetary governor.[9]


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