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Grand Vizier Sate Pestage

The Grand Vizier was the head of the Imperial Ruling Council and chief deputy to the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Acting as an intermediary between the Emperor and high-ranking officials in the Imperial Military as well as the government, the office of Grand Vizier was established in the aftermath of the Clone Wars and the Galactic Republic's transformation into the Empire. The Grand Vizier was also the President of the Imperial Senate and the custodian of the Imperial Seal.


The position of Grand Vizier was formed after the establishment of the Empire, and may have been a replacement for two pre-existing offices, those of Vice Chair and Staff Aide. The only individual to serve in the office was Sate Pestage. As head of the Imperial Government, Pestage was not only a very powerful bureaucrat, he was a loyal and trusted servant to Palpatine.

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Behind the scenes[]

In a cut scene from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Sate Pestage was intended to have an appearance as a hologram warning Darth Vader of the Emperor's imminent transmission. He was referred to as the "Grand Vizier."[1] Hints of this scene can be found on the box for Kenner's "Darth Vader's Star Destroyer" playset, explaining that the image in the red plastic viewing screen is the Grand Vizier.[2]


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