"Those Vulkars are dumber than a Coruscant granite slug!"
Canderous Ordo referring to the Black Vulkars[src]

The granite slug was a silica parasite native to the planet Coruscant.


This small terrestrial mollusk left a corrosive acidic slime wherever it traveled. It consisted of four eyestalks, two mouths, one foot, lung filaments, and suction pseudopods. They were gray/green in appearance.


Granite slugs were introduced to the planet Coruscant's undercity in 335 BBY in an attempt by the Galactic Republic to clean up the profuse amount of garbage that existed there. The large amount of food materials resulted in a rapid growth in granite slug population, which resulted in increased 'cleanliness' in the city, but also resulted in a population increase among the predator populations as well.[1]


Granite slug

A granite slug.


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