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"The threat Callandri posed has only been amplified by her founding of the Granse Confederacy."
General Crix Madine[src]

The Granse Confederacy was a well-structured coalition of bounty hunters and trackers that appeared on the galactic scene shortly after the Battle of Yavin. They were known for their tendency to perform other's dirty work, which they called "discreet problem solving."[1]

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The group had only eight members, but all were formerly employed in some criminal organization, and were known for their abilities to locate and eliminate "problems." The Confederacy was founded by Callandri and her cousin, Zayl Braith. Its members included the aliens Kiran Tatch, Arcuse and Rodick Tag, who had worked for Hutt syndicates before being blacklisted; plus Milacass, Vadon Lenitor, and Lu'daal-ud, who "left behind their pasts" to join the Confederacy.[1]

Lu'daal-ud and Vadon Lenitor

In a short time, they managed to store an impressive collection of equipment, weapons, and vehicles, including three starships: Callandri's Stalwart-class freighter Nightcast (with her land vehicle, a Jadai Q-6100, on the hold), Lu'daal-ud's Koensayr Manufacturing Sigma-class shuttle Mist Laden and Milacass's stolen Calamari freighter Waterspire (although the Confederacy tend to use the first two ships because they are much more discreet).[1]

During some point of 2 ABY, the Rebel Alliance Task Force reported that the Granse Confederacy had performed at least six attacks against Rebel personnel in only four months. Lu'daal-ud managed to get some high-security files about then-current Rebel operation on Shiwal and Cademimu sectors, increasing the danger posed towards the Alliance. Milacass' Waterspire was also stolen from Rebel agents. General Crix Madine considered the Confederacy a great threat to the Rebel Alliance.[1]

Many within the Alliance's command structure believed that the Confederacy was formed specifically to assassinate Alton Lochner, given Callandri's grudge against him, but this was never proven. However, it is known that other members of the Granse Confederacy knew of Callandri's motivation against Lochner.[1]

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