Grant Gould is an artist who drew 1,000 Artist Sketch Cards for the Topps Revenge of the Sith trading card set in 2005. In addition to his Artist Sketch Cards he has done features on and was one of the four artists who worked on The Clone Wars web comics.

Along with the Revenge of the Sith set, Grant has done sketch cards for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (100 Cards) (Topps) and Star Wars 30th Anniversary (500 Cards) (Topps) sets. He will also be working on the Star Wars Galaxy: Series 4 (Topps) set from Topps, a set of cards all featuring artist renderings of the Star Wars galaxy. Grant will be contributing 100 sketch cards to the set as well as doing the art for one of the cards in the base set.

In October of 2008 at the Midwest Comic Book Association Fallcon convention Granted was given honarary membership in the both the Rebel Legion and the 501st Fan Organizations.

Grant has done the lettering for all of The Clone Wars web comics as well as art for the issues Procedure, Discount, and Bait.

In 2010, Grant illustrated the badges for Star Wars Celebration V.

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