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Grant "Rogue_5" McDaniel was the Producer for Star Wars Galaxies at Sony Online Entertainment.

McDaniel has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry. He worked on titles like Ultima Online, the Wing Commander series and the Jane's Combat Simulation franchise.

He had been a part of the Star Wars Galaxies development team since almost the very beginning in February 2002. He was credited as "BuildMaster" in the original release and later became Producer for the Expansions. Later he oversaw the production of the whole game. McDaniel left the Star Wars Galaxies development team in 2007 to work on another SOE video game based in the DC comic franchise.

McDaniel is a huge Star Wars fan: "All along I have been an avid, some may even say extreme, Star Wars fan and collector since the very first film was introduced. I have collected thousands of various Star Wars items and memorabilia including such things as toys, books, replicas, and autographs, and I often spend my free time tracking down unique and rare items for my personal collection. The best part of being such a devoted Star Wars fan is getting to work on a Star Wars game. There is no other job I could think of that would allow me to indulge my passion and get paid for it." [1]

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