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"You do remember how that story ends, don’t you? The birds ate all the grapes the kid had dropped and he ended up dying lost in the woods."
"Is that the way they told it on Corellia? On Alderaan, it turned out that the sun had fermented the grapes, and the birds who ate them got drunk, so the boy just followed the line of sleeping birds back home."
―Han Solo and Leia Organa[src]

A grape was a fruit that grew in bunches. Lumiya ate a bowl of grapes while communicating with Tathak K'roylan. Yuuzhan Vong clusterships resembled bunches of grapes.

Some types of grapes grew deep in oceans.[1]

Both the Corellian and Alderaanian folklores had a story about a boy in the forest, who was leaving a trail of grapes behind him to find his way home.[2]

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