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Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala having a picnic on a green meadow on Naboo.

Grass was a type of plant native to many planets that often grew in large patches in fields. Alderaan had green grassy hills.[1] Grass was common on Lothal and Holshef, a man in hiding from the Galactic Empire, would often ask Merei Spanjaf to describe things like the color of the grass or the sunset.[2] Before the arrival of the Empire on the planet, one could chart the arrival of spring by the shade of green in the grasslands.[3] There was a saying among traders in the Outer Rim Territories that one had not seen the color green until they'd landed in the grasslands of Lothal. Prior to the Empire's devastation, the grass was everywhere on Lothal, spanning the planet's continents like a sea of golden-green.[4] Following the planet's liberation from the Empire, much of the former glory of the planet's rolling grasslands was restored.[5] Grass was a foodstuff for certain herbivore creatures such as nerfs.[6]

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