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Attack of the clones 3

Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala having a picnic on a green meadow on Naboo.

"What in blazes?"
"It's grass, sir."
Mosh Barris and Kavren discover a grass-filled flight suit[src]

Grass was the term used to denote a wide variety of plants of a certain type that were common on worlds throughout the galaxy. The typical species of grass grew as a single thin leaf from the ground; many single plants grew in close proximity to form literal carpets across the landscape. While most species flourished in broad plains, others thrived in the shady environs of forests.

The planet of Alderaan, before its destruction, was noted as being the home of over eight thousand species of grass; it was also the home of grass paintings. Chandrila was also known for its balmgrass, a species that was soft to the touch.


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