"I am Grataa. It is my honor to represent the Great Hunt. I have been investigating possible malfeasance by one Tarro Blood."

Grataa was a male Kaleesh Great Hunt representative who lived during the Cold War. He was the one who accepted an unidentified bounty hunter into the Great Hunt on the planet Nal Hutta. Mako, the bounty hunter's companion, nicknamed him "Skullface".

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 3643 BBY, Grataa came to Nal Hutta to the palace of Nem'ro the Hutt to watch the process of elimination. When one of the participants, Tarro Blood, murdered Braden and Jory, Grataa was able to watch the recording of the incident and began an investigation. When he met the bounty hunter named Rarsk, he gave the selected Trandoshan instructions for the Great Hunt. However, Mako grew suspicious after she and her companion killed Rarsk who was tracking a Republic scientist. Upon returning to the palace, Mako initially reacted nervously at his presence, but the Kaleesh calmed her and explained the motives of their actions. He then gave the hunter and Mako a pass to enter a shuttle which would take them to Dromund Kaas, the capital of the Sith Empire. Since Blood did not break the tournament rules, Grataa promised to keep an eye out for the Mandalorian.

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