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Grav-ball was a popular sport throughout the galaxy. The sport was often played on the planet Lothal and was big at the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences, which hosted a team called the AppSci SaberCats. During his time at this academy, Zare Leonis was selected as center striker for the team, with his girlfriend Merei Spanjaf playing as the kicker.

In the time of the Resistance and the First Order, collecting grav-ball badges was a popular pastime among youths.[1]

In some versions of the sport, hover boots were worn while playing, but these were not used under Corellian rules or on the planet Lothal.[2]


Grav-ball had several positions: the center striker, two strikers, wing attackers, a kicker, two fullbacks, two defenders, and a keeper. The game had several different sets of rules, such as Corellian rules.[2] It was played on a 64-meter grid which was divided into eight octets. The roll of a chance cube determined which team would start at the center line dividing the fourth and fifth octets.[3]

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Grav-ball notes

Author Jason Fry's draft notes on grav-ball

Grav-ball first appeared in the comic X-Wing Rogue Squadron 25 and was later featured in a number of other stories in the continuity of Star Wars Legends. Though these stories are no longer considered canon, grav-ball was featured in the Star Wars Rebels story Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy, which featured a detailed description of the sport along with depictions of grav-ball matches. The title's author describes the sport as depicted as "like American football with a bit of net-ball and a touch of hockey." He also stated that omitted the use of hover boots from the sport as he did not want it to feel unnecessarily "spacey."[3]


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