A gravity lock was a type of portable, hovering tractor beam that could prevent a starship from taking off by anchoring it in place. That type of gravitational technology was developed by the Galactic Empire[1] several years before the Battle of Yavin.[3] Once clamped down onto a vessel's landing gear, a gravity lock could not be removed by force, and was nearly impossible to destroy. The only way to remove such devices was to dismantle them, which required knowledge of their inner workings.[1] Some gravity locks were assembled by inmates of Imperial prisons.[3] They were later used during the occupation of Lothal, to impound suspected smuggling ships. After the Spectres smuggled themselves through the heavy Imperial lockdown onboard the Broken Horn, the ship was secured with a gravity lock, as an Imperial cruiser had scanned the extra lifeforms onboard.[4]

Late in the cold war, the First Order also used gravity locks. During the occupation of the Colossus platform on Castilon, the locks were used on ships belonging to various residents, including Hype Fazon's Green Ace, after Commander Pyre pressured Captain Imanuel Doza into cancelling all future races on the platform due to the danger of a spurious pirate threat.[2] During the Colossus' subsequent escape from Castilon and the First Order, the members of Ace Squadron, as well as starfighter pilots Jarek Yeager and Kazuda Xiono, were delayed in taking to the air to defend the supertanker fuel depot due to gravity locks on their ships, requiring astromech droids Bucket and CB-23 to hurry in taking them off.[5]

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Gravity locks first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels season 2 episode "A Princess on Lothal", which aired in early 2016.[3]



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