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The term Gravity Well described any location where a considerable gravity field existed. In Hyperspace navigation, a Gravity Well referred to any relative curvature of space, caused by gravity, that would interfere with Hyperspace travel. Any body having mass exerts a gravity field, though most are negligible. On the celestial scale, more massive bodies create more formidable gravity fields accounting for the orbits of planets and solar systems around massive stars. These naturally occurring gravity wells form obstacles to Hyperspace travel. A gravity well could be generated by a gravity well projector or a Gravity Well Station. These devices shaped a temporary gravity well for the purpose of interdicting Hyperspace travel, either for individual ships, or entire fleets.


Vagaari ship net[]

The Vagaari possessed gravity well projectors known as ship nets on some of their ships which were used to prevent their victims fleeing to hyperspace. Chiss Commander Thrawn and his warriors of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force managed to capture one of these devices from the Vagaari and later put it to use in the Outbound Flight crisis.

An Interdictor Cruiser.

Immobilizer 418 cruiser[]

The Sienar Fleet Systems Immobilizer 418 cruiser, commonly referred to as an interdictor cruiser, was equipped with a number of gravity well projectors. While active, these projectors prevented ships in the vicinity of an interdictor cruiser from being able to execute jumps into hyperspace while also forcing ships traveling in hyperspace back into realspace.

Gravity Well Station[]

A Gravity Well Station.

An Imperial Gravity Well Station was a space station built to emit a gravity well from the use of a Gravity well projector inside the Gravity Well Station

The Maw[]

The Maw was a cluster of black holes located near the Kessel system. The Maw contained a large number of Gravity wells due to the large number of Black Holes.



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