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Gravlex Med was a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim Territories. With an above-average gravity, the planet's native species, the Anx, had a stooped stature and other species found the world uninhabitable. Gravlex Med quickly became the heart of Anx Space as the spacefaring species expanded their borders throughout the Raioballo sector. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Gravlex Med became so polluted by Imperial mismanagement of waste that the world no longer proved suitable for habitation.


Anx G7

Anx on Gravlex Med.

A temperate world, the surface of the planet was covered in savannas and pitch-dark mountains. The Anx lived in caves systems, emerging to browse on the chiliox trees of the savannas. Before contact with the Old Republic was established, the Anx developed short-distance interstellar travel, launching their spacecraft with giant cannons. The escape velocity from their homeworld was low enough that the Anx could survive orbital launches in such projectiles.[5]


An early spacefaring race, the Anx species had built massive cannons from which they launched spacecraft into space for short-distance interstellar travel. Colonizing the surrounding planets in what would come to be known as Anx Space, Gravlex Med became the heart of the society. As an unintended consequence of their journeying, the Anx homeworld was invaded briefly by Shusugaunt conquerors. Driven nearly to extinction by the invaders, the Anx eventually found salvation in their world's natural defenses. Unable to survive in the high-gravity ecosystem of Gravlex Med, the Shusugaunt were forced to abandoned their conquests and flee the world.[5]

In 5000 BBY, the Galactic Republic discovered the Anx species and accepted them into the Galactic Senate. Quickly assimilating into Republic society and governance, the entire Raioballo sector was represented in the Republic's Senate Building on Coruscant by Senator Horox Ryyder during the Chancellery of Finis Valorum. Retiring in 22 BBY on the eve of civil war, Ryyder returned to Gravlex Med and was replaced in the Senate by the planet's former President, Zo Howler.

Remaining loyal to the Republic throughout the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the planet was protected by the Ninth Army of the Grand Army of the Republic and saw no action during the war.[7]

At the end of the war the Republic was replaced by the Galactic Empire and life on Gravlex Med changed forever. Taking control of Gravlex Launchworks, Imperial mismanagement of the hazardous wastes contained in the factories caused the near extinction of the Anx species and drove all survivors off world. As the Galactic Civil War erupted, Gravlex Med was controlled by Imperial forces which called themselves the Pentastar Alignment after the death of Emperor Palpatine in 4 ABY. In 12 ABY Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon annexed the Alignment sectors and Gravlex Med and other Anx colonies fell under the control of the greater Imperial Remnant.[3] While under Pellaeon's control, the New Republic attempted to disassemble the Imperial flagship Chimaera at the orbital shipyards. However, as the New Republic attempted to destroy the starship, insurgents of the Imperial Remnant recaptured the vessel in one of Pellaeon's last victories against the Republic.[4]

As the Imperial Remnant struggled to maintain a cohesive structure, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy and control of Gravlex Med fell to the Yuuzhan Vong empire. After the alien invaders were defeated, the Imperial Remnant took to liberating their former holdings and were able to reunify while the fledgling Galactic Alliance retained control over the Core.

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The Ultimate Alien Anthology refers to the world twice as "Gravlex Mex" and wrongly places it in the Mid Rim.



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