General Dodonna FFG

Jan Dodonna, founder of the Grey Cadre

The "Gray Cadre" was an impromptu advisory body created by Jan Dodonna following his rescue from Imperial imprisonment, consisting of himself and other such aged luminaries as Vanden Willard, Walex Blissex, Pashna Starkiller, and Adar Tallon.


They advised Mon Mothma and the New Republic military during the attacks of the reborn Emperor Palpatine. Though all were in retirement and had no desire to return to full-time service, instead making way for the next generation of officers, they nonetheless provided invaluable advice drawn from decades of experience.

Their suggestions were most valuable in the Battle of Calamari, helping formulate some of the New Republic's most successful combat tactics, thus saving millions of lives. Following the battle, the Gray Cadre returned to semi-retirement, meeting monthly as a strategic think tank to analyze the long-term plans and goals of the New Republic.



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