"The first Alliance group working for us was an experienced team called the Gray Griffins. They disappeared. You've been sent here to rescue them and secure Alluuvia, a new world they discovered."
Jameth Todkal, a Radell Mining Corporation executive, to the Rebel agents sent to rescue the Gray Griffins[src]

The Gray Griffins were a scouting team that served the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, which consisted on the Humans Dunston Karell and Valera, the Sullustan Oro Otel and the alien Parek.

History[edit | edit source]

After coming under attack from pirates hired by the company Imperial Mining, Ltd., the Radell Mining Corporation requested that the Alliance provide them with an exploration team, in return for giving the Alliance some valuable ores. The Alliance accepted the proposal and the Gray Griffins were dispatched to the Elrood sector, to work for RMC. However, while exploring the newly-discovered planet Alluuvia, the Griffins' starship, the 3-Z light freighter Whisper was attacked by The Scourge, a band of pirates that operated in the region, and the Gray Griffins were captured. The Scourge then released Parek, to deliver a ransom note to RMC demanding AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png250,000 for the release of the rest of the team.

The Griffins were imprisoned in The Scourge's base on the planet Dega and a group of Alliance agents traveled to to the world and rescued the Gray Griffins. However, the Griffins were malnourished and were too weak to walk, so had to be carried out of the hideout by the agents. The agents then transported the Griffins to the planet Elrood, so that the scouts could receive medical treatment.

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